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  1. 'The Official' Spammathon MKVII 2011

    The Pub
    I ******* won that sheeeet. Anyone deletes this, and I call racism.
  2. Celtic fan cons Rangers fans into buying Dundee United socks !!

    Football Banter
    A Celtic fan has signed up on a Rangers forum, made a few posts and no-one is any the wiser he's a Celtic fan. Then he makes a thread saying Quote: If you wan't tickets for next week's title decider away to Dundee United, read here... Since the away allocation for Rangers fans of 5 thousand...
  3. The GAA Thread

    The Pub
    Ireland's most popular sport and raises the spirits of your heart when you see grown men battling it out in the rain on a Friday night! Obviously, I'm going for Dublin althogh they've fallen short for the last two years in the semi-finals. They're joint top of their league currnetly and the...
  4. Dimitar Berbatov Berbatov

    Man Utd Chat
    For a striker his record is not that bad. He scores a goal every other game on average. But considering how much we spent... anyone else feeling a bit disappointed? Hopefully he'll come good but I can't see his goal to game ratio improving much. Have we over spent here? Yes people will argue...
  5. Death Sentence

    The Pub
    Ain't gonna happen. Why? Because China is still, effectively, a poor country. Yes, it's growing, but is the average wage growing? And if the average wage is growing, how long until the manufacturing business moves away from China because workers are asking for pay rises? Who's the President...