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  1. Let's All Laugh At Liverpool

    The Pub
    It looks like it could very well be their year. :o
  2. Season's Greetings !

    The Pub
  3. Wesley Sneijder, ..Galatasaray

    Foreign Leagues
    Just read we're preparing a bid for him, not sure what to make of it or if he'd be available...
  4. The Official Spammathon MKIV 2010

    Classic Threads
  5. What movie did you just finish watching

    Watched a few recently: Apocalypse Now:Classic, some great performances, especially Robert Duvall!!!. It can drag at times but it is still gripping. Definitely a film you could watch three or four times before you undertsand it!!! 9/10 Dodgeball:Classic, non-stop laughs, and Ben Stiller as...