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  1. 'The Official' Spammathon MKVII 2011

    The Pub
    I ******* won that sheeeet. Anyone deletes this, and I call racism.
  2. Celtic fan cons Rangers fans into buying Dundee United socks !!

    Football Banter
    A Celtic fan has signed up on a Rangers forum, made a few posts and no-one is any the wiser he's a Celtic fan. Then he makes a thread saying Quote: If you wan't tickets for next week's title decider away to Dundee United, read here... Since the away allocation for Rangers fans of 5 thousand...
  3. The GAA Thread

    The Pub
    Ireland's most popular sport and raises the spirits of your heart when you see grown men battling it out in the rain on a Friday night! Obviously, I'm going for Dublin althogh they've fallen short for the last two years in the semi-finals. They're joint top of their league currnetly and the...
  4. Dimitar Berbatov The Berbatov Thread 2010/11

    Man Utd Chat
    Old thread: other thread: New season, new thread for the Berb. Watch him have a great season. 24 goals in all...
  5. Season's Greetings !

    The Pub