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  1. Let's All Laugh At Liverpool

    The Pub
    It looks like it could very well be their year. :o
  2. The Official Spammathon MKIV 2010

    Classic Threads
  3. Season's Greetings !

    The Pub
  4. Wesley Sneijder, ..Galatasaray

    Foreign Leagues
    Just read we're preparing a bid for him, not sure what to make of it or if he'd be available...
  5. What movie did you just finish watching

    Watched a few recently: Apocalypse Now:Classic, some great performances, especially Robert Duvall!!!. It can drag at times but it is still gripping. Definitely a film you could watch three or four times before you undertsand it!!! 9/10 Dodgeball:Classic, non-stop laughs, and Ben Stiller as...