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£500m bid for the bindippers !

Kuwaitis line up £500m bid for Liverpool

One of the Middle East's richest families is in negotiations to buy Liverpool as the Arab invasion of the Barclays Premier League continues. It emerged last night that the Al-Kharafi family, of Kuwait, are planning a bid to buy the Merseyside club for £500 million as Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr prepare to sell up.

Hicks and Gillett, the club's American owners, maintain publicly that they have no plans to sell Liverpool, but they have been actively searching for a buyer for several months, with an asking price of £600 million. Gillett is expected to be the first to depart, but Hicks is also increasingly open to a sale, having authorised Ian Ayre and Phillip Nash, the club's commercial director and finance director respectively, to hold talks with the Al-Kharafi family this week.



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With current financial crisis raging, cash is indeed king and ownerships will change hands amongst other things. This trend is not likey to reverse in the near future which would have implications for Premier League, the world's most popular football league. Perhaps the 'worst' is yet to come?! And I shudder upon the thought of a certain club with owners who are well commercial people... :eek:

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Oh man not another bunch who are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of cash for particular players...thing is Liverpoo is way way better and "bigger" as a club than Man City so attracting players to play alongside the likes of Torres, Gerrard and co should not be too tough. Not much we can do if they do purchase the club...just bring them on I say...the more serious and better the competitors get the better we get as we proved when Abramovic came over and Chelsea did the EPL double and now we are the English, European & World Chamapions. Glory Glory Man United!

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Nothing more than another Abrahmovic imo and possibly even going as far as saying it's another City. It will mean that Liverpool will have more money, and so the manager will have more to spend. But it's about how the manager uses the money, and if he can get the team playing together. I would think more players would prefer to go to the Poo than to City though.

However, saying that, we have got to relish taking them on.

Lets look back to 2005 though. When foreign owners buy United, the Liverpool and City fans start talking about how "Foreign owners are ruining football," "United are selling their soul to the devil," etc etc.

Liverpool and City get taken over, and we hear about how "Foreign investment can only be good for English football" blah blah blah.

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