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1 - 0 to the Ants.

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Player attacked by ants during soccer match,,MUL313635-8068,00.html

He fell on top of a anthill after being tackled, and got swarmed. He ran towards a flooded part of the pitch and cupped water down his pants and body. They didn't leave so he ran for cover to take off his underwear. These aren't your everyday ants here either, funny stuff still.
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I bet that gotta' hurt like one of a hell! Imagine that, getting one whole army of red ants swarming all over you! :eek: 'Damned'! :D :p
(The term's used as a joke, dun banned me!)
we shud have ants spread across every pitch in the premier league. then maybe people wouldnt dive and fake too much. :D
lmoa........what are the odds??

BTW, why was there an ant hill on a pitch???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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