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There are bound to be far more than a few moves away from La Liga clubs this summer, but looks at ten of the more notable candidates for a big transfer-window switch...

Excluding loans and loan returns, something like 90 players left Liga clubs on permanent transfers in summer, or almost five per team. Add loans to the equation and the figure will almost certainly be doubled.

Yes, clubs like Real Madrid talk of "quiet summers" and others keep their heads down while they work to secure just a few deals, but for one reason or another - be it dropping down divisions to a more suitable level, ending their contract, or simply being admired by a big-spending suitor - several players will no doubt leave their current sides in the next transfer window from every single team in the division.

Some will do so in shocking, surprising fashion, but for others the journey has already begun. Today we'll look at ten players who may - or may not - find pastures new come July...

10) Daniel Jarque (RCD Espanyol)

In a club laden with "Mr. Espanyols", Jarque is carving out a reputation for himself as a club symbol in line with Iván de la Peña and Raúl Tamudo. A centre-back of considerable talent, Jarque is apparently being tracked by erstwhile Sevilla and current Spurs boss Juande Ramos.

There's also talk of other Liga clubs going for him, but unless it's Real Madrid or Barcelona - both of whom seem unlikely options for any number of reasons - but considering that Espanyol are trying to carve out a niche for themselves as top-seven fixtures, it would be tough for any of them to coach the club board to part with one of their prized assets.

Probability of leaving: Medium-low. For one thing, his name has drifted out of the papers as Espanyol have fallen clear of the Champions League zone, and although he's still capable of fine performances like that against Barcelona recently, he's not maybe been usurped by the likes of Martín Cáceres and Cata Díaz. Another season like this one, though, and his value should increase. That's largely what it comes down to: it's not that he's not desirable, but time is on his side, and on his club's, too.

9) José Antonio Reyes (Atlético Madrid)

Reyes was one of Atleti's more expensive signings last summer - an achievement in and of itself - but he's made a surprisingly modest impact on the first team. With Forlán and Agüero up front, there's been little room for him in a forward role; similarly Maxi plays out on the right and Simão on the left, leaving little room for José.

Rumours of a bust-up with coach Javier Aguirre were eventually all but confirmed, too. That hardly helped his case - Aguirre's a fairly no-nonsense manager who booted Maniche out of the Vicente Calderón for a breach of club discipline - and although the two have since kissed and made up, this talented, mercurial enigma could be on the way out of the club as quickly as he arrived.

Probability: In terms of his wanting to leave, probably high; as for whether or not Atleti can find a buyer, medium-low. Reyes is a troubled soul, meaning that he's ripe for another move on his wandering journey, but his wage demands are high, he's under contract, and he can't seem to settle. Potential buyers will need to beware. The Premier League, or maybe even Sevilla, could make a move, though.

8) Luis Fabiano (FC Sevilla)

The Pichichi winner-elect, Fabiano is now under contract for another two seasons after meeting an appearance clause in his deal. Add to that the murky issue of his being 65% owned by an agency and only 35% by his club, and Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido's famed antipathy towards parting with his stars, and it may be tough for Luis to secure a move.

That's not to say that there'll be any shortage of takers. Name a big European club and chances are they're interested in him. Be it Spain, Italy or England, at least one bid is likely to come in, and the agency are determined that Sevilla take it. Whether or not they will is another matter entirely.

Probability: Until this week, high. However, the player's contract has now ticked over to an expiration date of June 2010, while the man himself has stated that he's eager to pen a three-year deal. The mitigating factors are, of course, his co-ownership situation and the fact that he's previously stated that he wants to move on. Anything can happen at the moment but unless the bid is significant, he's likely to go nowhere, as his release clause situation is far from clear and cannot be settled overnight.

7) Nikola Zigic (Valencia)

The gargantuan forward has endured a tough time at Valencia since his big-money move from Racing in the summer, and as early as last winter he was being linked with a move to Real Sociedad.

That may still happen if the Basques are promoted, but what's also interesting is that teams in foreign leagues are looking to remove him from the Liga.

Still, he's under a fairly lengthy contract at the Mestalla, and whomever takes over as full-time coach in the summer may change Los Che's tactical approach to make the best of his attributes.

Probability: Medium, rising to high if Real Sociedad come up. He could well suit the Premier League - he's certainly powerful enough.

6) Deco Souza (FC Barcelona)

With all the fuss over Ronaldinho, Deco's future has barely been discussed, but in fact the Portuguese veteran could be yet another blaugrana star to leave the club in summer.

While he was decent enough against Manchester United midweek, coach Frank Rijkaard could not have watched that performance without feeling that the glory days may have passed for the midfielder, and as such he may not factor him too much into his plans ahead of the new campaign.

It all depends on who else he brings in, of course...

Probability: Medium. There's talk of him being unhappy, and certainly there doesn't seem to be a guaranteed first-team berth for him anywhere. If he's content to play second fiddle to younger players in midfield, fine - otherwise it could be a case of him finding a club at which he can dictate play.

5) Mahamadou Diarra (Real Madrid)

The midfielder started the season as a stick-on in defensive midfield, but gradually found himself sidelined as the season wore on. Although he's enjoyed a brief, but triumphant return, rumour has it that he's just not wanted by a Madrid hierarchy that are convinced they can do better.

Thankfully for them, there are other clubs said to be interested in the Malian, not least in Serie A. His brand of football may actually suit the Italian league better, but it's just as likely that he'll opt to stick around and fight for his place ahead of the likes of Fernando Gago, who hasn't yet won over everyone at the Bernabéu by any means.

Probability: Medium. His triumphant return to the side at Racing last week shows that he's a man of considerable talent, but if his face doesn't fit, his face doesn't fit. In some ways it's hard to see why he's apparently not rated by the management, but nonetheless he could well end the summer elsewhere.

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4) Daniel Alves (Sevilla)

Chelsea offered a quite staggering sum for the Brazilian last summer, but they were told to do one by a rather forthright Jose Maria del Nido. Since then, despite Alves' performances slipping, del Nido's stance has not softened in the last: one figure mentioned was deemed by the president as maybe being able to pay for one of his boots.

The energetic right-back is indeed a very much sought-after commodity, with Barcelona, Manchester United and - Alves' preferred choice of last year - Chelsea all expressing an interest. But Sevilla, as with Luis Fabiano, are determined not to give up on one of their stars without a fight.

Nonetheless, this is ne that they may not be able to keep much longer. Alves is desperate to leave and big clubs are desperate to land him. For how long can Sevilla cling on?

Probability: Medium-high. If he's to stay, it'll be down to the same problem as last year: his price tag. His value may have depreciated a bit since then, though: he's one year closer to being out of contract, and this season hasn't been as good as the last. It could take over €35m but it's more than possible that he'll depart.

3) Christoph Metzelder (Real Madrid)

Oh dear. Metzelder's Madrid career could be short and sweet if the latest rumours are anything to go by. Although he's had a luckless campaign due to injury, it's unlikely that Bernd Schuster and the technical team are counting the minutes until his return: after all, Pepe and Heinze seem to have settled in much better in any case.

There's talk of his returning to Germany - perhaps even to Bayern Munich - at the end of the season or as soon as his recovery allows him to train, but there can be no guarantees yet. What is almost certain is that there's no way he'll return to fitness expecting to be in the first eleven.

Probability: Medium-high, rising to high if it's a loan deal. Then again, much depends on what becomes of Fabio Cannavaro.

2) Ronaldinho (FC Barcelona)

How quickly Barcelona abandoned the talk of 'Dinho being under a lengthy contract after Milan publicly expressed their interest. It is now common knowledge that all parties are working to move Ronaldinho on, and it's about time, too: he seems demoralised and the club cannot get the best out of him anymore. Regardless of whose fault it is, if anyone's, the time for a clean break is ripe.

AC Milan are leading the race for his signature, even if negotiations are still at an early stage, and the player's agent and brother, Roberto de Assis, is working around the clock to secure his exit from Camp Nou. It's an undignified end of an era for a man who was probably once the world's best, but it could be just what he needs to rediscover his form.

Probability: Medium-high. AC Milan tend to play hardball with transfers and have publicly stated that they won't be held to ransom by the blaugrana, but this is just the kind of deal that would see them break the bank if they had to. Even if they didn't, one of the Premier League sides would - Manchester City, for example. And while imagining 'Dinho in a sky blue shirt is difficult, the man himself has apparently told friends that he wouldn't mind being at a club where he is the star.

1) David Villa (Valencia)

Yes, the Valencia forward is subject to one of the world's most vast minimum release clauses - the kind of thing that causes an error when tapped into a pocket calculator - and he's under contract. But it's hard to see David Villa not leaving the Mestalla in summer.

For a club symbol like himself to publicly and unequivocally state that he's considering a new challenge elsewhere is no small matter - compare and contrast this to the likes of, say, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, who time and again state their devotion to the cause. While Villa is no doubt a dedicated influence at Valencia, he is quite right to consider a move elsewhere: his team is stagnating and there's a danger that he will, too, if he hangs around too much longer.

Villa has no doubt looked on wistfully as Fernando Torres - a few years his junior - made his mark on the Premier League in his first season in England, and continued his goalscoring exploits in Europe, too. He could learn from more than just that: Nando's switch seems to have actually helped Atleti, too, by giving them huge sums of money and a feeling of being more than just a one-man team. Who's to say that Los Che couldn't be similarly reinvigorated?

Probability: High. It would have been ultra-high had Ronald Koeman remained as boss, but it remains a pretty safe proposition that Villa will end the summer elsewhere. As stated above, it could work out for all concerned. Arsenal, anyone? Chelsea?

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Nice! We should certainly look in the La Liga market for our new transfers. Valencia look like they are going to press the self destruct button and we should take a look into their squad since they have lots of quality players like Villa, Vicente, Joaquin, Raul Abiol, Hilderbrant...Metzelder looks like a good cover for Rio and Vidic if Pique decides to leave and Alves is a possibility for the rb position so its good news for us imo

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i like metzelder of the few game si have seen him........will be a decent buy.....
villa and alves will be better buys though
fabiano is also intersting although he is getting on the wrong side of the 20's
not intersted in ronaldinho.......

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Without all these players in La Liga...Will it be very boring to watch?
These are good players except for Real players... Sevilla would probably look like some league 2 players if those 2 were to leave... I would go for any of the sevilla player...

Hopefully we can get them on a package deal...

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I would love Fabiano, as I've stated in other threads. There was also rumours of an £8m release clause in his contract, which is a good price to take a risk on, but since hes signed a new contract I doubt he has a release clause as small as that, if any.

Definitely not Alves for me. Can't defend to save himself.

But, imo, I can't see many of these coming to the Prem. 3 at most I would say.
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