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With the hot news that some Premier League matches could be played abroad
from 2011to further the league's global appeal, here are some suitably tongue-in
-cheek locations for the 20 current incumbents to call their second home.

Arsenal - Paris

For years people have been saying that Arsene Wenger has been running a
French Embassy at the Gunners so why not pitch up at the Stade de France?

Aston Villa - Rome

Tom Hanks: "What suburb of Rome is Aston Villa from?"

Birmingham - Memphis

Home of the Blues

Blackburn Rovers - Tokyo

Mark Hughes' martial arts brand of football will truly be appreciated in the
homeland of karate.

Bolton - Qatar

Qatar is like a retirement pasture for old Bolton players anyway, so it is a great
way to get them acclimatised.

Chelsea - Moscow

Don't think this one needs spelling out!

Derby County - Auckland

There are apparently four sheep for ever human in New Zealand, so a few lost
Rams won't look out of place.

Everton - Lagos

Seems as good a place as any to start the search for Yakubu!

Fulham - San Francisco

A city that already has its fair share of Cottagers.

Liverpool - Dubai

What better way to woo the investors than playing in their backyard?

Manchester City - Rio de Janeiro

Makes Sven's scouting missions easier.

Manchester United - Calais

Closer than Old Trafford for most United fans.

Middlesbrough - Berlin

A lot of clubs would want to play in the impressive Olympiastadion but it's not
what you know, it's Huth you know.

Newcastle United - Antarctica

Plenty of ready made black-and-white clad fans and a few degrees warmer than
the Geordies are used to.

Portsmouth - Naples

Play up Pompeii...

Reading - Hay-on-Wye

Apparently loads of people go there for reading anyway.

Sunderland - Dublin

Everything else about the club is Irish, including the chairman and manger, so the
home ground might as well be.

Tottenham Hotspur - Dallas

They love Spurs in the Wild West.

West Ham - Marbella

It's the obvious getaway for East End wideboys, innit?

Wigan - Las Vegas

Titus Bramble's Travelling Slapstick Show would be the hottest ticket in town.

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On Thursday, the 20 Premier League clubs agreed to look into the possibility of playing an extra round of matches every season - abroad. I'm totally against this decision, and am trying to show that there's a critical mass of fans who don't want their teams going to play an English Premiere League game somewhere outside of England. So I made this poll - and I want to invite people to go and vote and maybe if we get enough votes we can send it to the people in charge. Here's the link:
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