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Hey everyone. In my local Boozer we do a football game every season, To predict the league table and major cup winners for the season ahead. This is how it works:

You write out the Prem league table places 1- 20 BEFORE the first fixtures take place, in the order that you think the final league table will be in may after 38 games. You receive one point for every position that you are wrong per team. ie if you have UTD in 1st position and they win the league, you get no points for that postion.However If you have UTD to finish 1st and they actually finish 4th, you get 3 points because they are 3 places off where you had them to finish. Make sense? it's pretty self explanatory.

So, at the end of the season The person with the least points wins. Also you pick the Fa Cup winners, the champ league winners and the league cup winners, and you get 5 points deducted for any that you get right. In the case of a tie break, the person with the most number of teams in the exact spot on position takes the win.

Anyone who wants to play, then just add your league table together with your 3 cup winners on here. An example is below:

2 Chelsea
3 Liv
4 Arsenal
5 Spurs
6 Villa
7 Everton
8 Portsmouth
9 Citeh
10 Etc
11 Etc
12 Etc
13 Etc
14 Etc
15 Etc
16 Etc
17 Etc
18 Etc
19 Etc
20. Etc

League cup :Spurs
FA Cup :Liv
Champs League : UTD

Its just for fun, (and bragging rights) no money etc.
Anyone who wishes to enter send me your team or post on here by Midday on SAT 16th AUG. I will keep the positions etc updated throughout the season.
Cheers and good luck!

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Hey folks, Thought it was about time we had an update on the standings, (not much point doin it until this stage of the season as the league is taking shape etc)
These are the xmas (almost half distance) standings:

1. Slip Digby 77 points. Carling Cup - Man Utd
2. Nemanjaaa 86 points.
3. Jazz 88 points.
3. dcky Foxes 88 points. Carling Cup - Man Utd
5. Piazza 89 points.
6. 16keano16 92 points.
7. Keano 94 points.
8. RedForceRising 96 points.
9. Ritesh 101 points.
10. cjlsafcfan 103 points.

Pretty high scores from all really at the half way point, but hardly surprising with 9 points between Hull in 6th and Citeh in 18th!!!
Have put up the 2 of us who have our Carling Cup team still left in the competition, everyone still has their Champs League team left and of course FA cup is yet to begin.
2 things that surprise me.....firstly only two of us went for UTD for the worthless cup and secondly that Ritesh isn't last!!! :p :p
I'm sure we all agree that things are seriously gonna change over the next 4 months or so with how tight the league is.
Will keep the standings updated fairly regularly now till the end of the season.
Finally, just like to wish you all seasons greetings and hope all have a good new year!!! oh yeah and congratulations to the 2 members of the hundred club!! :D :p
PS. please excuse if I've made any errors,it is 3.30am!! and i'm half cut!!!

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By The Way....
My list is :

1. UTD
2. Chelski
3. Liverpool
4. Arsenal
5. Villa
6. Everton
7. Portsmouth
8. Spurs
9. Citeh
10. Newcastle
11. Sunderland
12. Blackburn
13. Fulham
14. Wigan
15. West Ham
16. Hull
17. Boro'
18. Bolton
19. Stoke
20. West Brom

Carling Cup - UTD
FA Cup - UTD
Champ League - UTD
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