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1. Chelsea - Incredible squad strength and still looking to add
2. Man Utd - Need a tall, strong centre forward.
3. Liverpool - Slight improvement from last season
4. Arsenal - New additions need time to gel, but should finish in top 4

5. Tottenham - Might not last the distance, but should push for a CL place

6. Portsmouth - Once Crouch and Defoe gel will be good. Lack decent wingers
7. Man City - Will stop losing by 6 or 7 goals under Hughes
8. Aston Villa - Bought some decent defensive cover should see them do OK
9. Everton - Will get complacent without new faces
10. Blackburn - No Bentley and Ince's first season might see them struggle

11. Middlesborough - Tuncay + Alves + Downing should see them improve
12. West ham - Promising youngsters + returning injured + Behrami
13. Newcastle - need a playmaker AND a tall centre forward
14. Sunderland - Good acquistions should mean an improvement
15. Bolton - Elmander should give them some needed goals
16. Hull - have made Some smart purchases, which should keep them up
17. Wigan - Brucey's experience should see them survive

18. Fulham - Other teams marginally stronger
19. West Brom - Not enough quality
20. Stoke - This season's Derby

F.A Cup- Man Utd
League cup- Chelsea
Champions league- Internazionale

I know, I know.... but I predicted Chelsea to win last season and was wrong too.

To clarify - I certainly hope and pray Man Utd win. Of course I do.
It's just that on paper Chelsea look stronger, but hey we've won two on the trot and still might buy a striker at which point I'll chance my rankings!
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