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Well... the fact that they could not even pay off last year's interests indicate that things are starting to spiral out of control.

They should be looking to recitify it now and not when they are already in the spiral, heading down Lehmann street...

We had this conversation last year already and David Gill came out guns blazing, saying "we are comfortable with the situation".... well I'm not. Not at all.

Glazers borrowed money against their personal collateral to buy the club, then transferred the cdebt to the club.

Bow would be a pretty good time for them to fork out some cash and pay off a chunk of that loan on the interests alone are going to kill us.

they already couldn't pay last season's debt, rolled it over to this season and this season will owe even more.

All is not well and i suspect the Glazers are not generating as much as they thought they could.

What if we ever fail to qualify for the Champions League in the next few seasons?

Through some reason or the other, it could happen and then what?

Glazors...get your act together!
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