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Arsenal: Draw - Arsenal could be dangerous as the likes of Fabregas, Eduardo, Walcott, etc come back from injury.
Aston Villa: Win - Beginning to fall away.
Liverpool: Win - Out of sheer hope; we should win but we always make it hard for ourselves, plus the massive lift they would've got from beating Franco FC 4-0. If we win this game, the PL is ours no doubt.
Man City: Win - Potential banana skin, but I think we'll take this one.
Portsmouth: Win - Physical side, but struggling, should be a comfortable win.
Tottenham: Win - As long as Lennon doesn't play! The kid's lightning! But really, should be another comfortable win.


Fulham: Win - Though they're good at home, we should beat them easily, again.
Hull: Win - Might put up a fight, predict another win though.
Middlesbrough: Draw - Boro is a shitty place to go, they tend to make it hard for us, likely draw.
Sunderland: - Comfortable win.
Wigan: Win - Titus Bramble!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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