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Sleepz said:
To be honest i said this on my myspace blog, before the begining of the season i didnt get the same feeling i had as last year.

Last year pretty much all the united fans new that our 2008 campaign was going to be special and it was. This year it just felt like its got Chelseas name written all over it and it looks like it too. Im not going to write us off of course but im going to be realistic about it.

I just knew that the players wernt going to be hungry this season. I think Desmondos thread explains perfectly how i feel.
I felt the same way before the season, I just think that with us winning the double last season the hunger wouldnt be what it was, I actually think losing the title could be a positive thing thus bringing back the hunger we once had. But generally that always seems to happen to clubs that win everything in a year, they fall the next season. another reason I think we have underperformed is the chelsea scolari signing. I think bringing scolari definitely made chelsea stronger. and lets face it apart from the strikers, chelsea have more depth in every department.
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