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whenever utd does something special and us fans expect them to shine again the following season they always seem to dissapoint.
i think the players get over confident or spend too much time reading the great headlines they made , they step on the pitch EXPECTING to win instead of going out to beat their opponents and the killer instinct is then lost. we have got more than enough quality to beat any team yet when we get into the top 3rd we seem to think any halfhearted ball into the box will deliver us a goal .
well it doesn't we are very strong in the striker department yet they continue not to convince , we get rooney and tevez out on the wings berbatov back in his own half looking for the ball and then we get dissapointed when they don't score .its time to base them strikers in the top 3rd and take the ball to them , nows the time to ditch this fancy dan football and get ruthless which means getting both strikers in the right area and striking , instead of them passing the ball around 50 yards out.
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