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Forever and Ever,
We'll follow the boys,
Of Manchester United,
The Busby Babes,
For we made a promise,
To defend our faith,
In Manchester United,
The Busby Babes.

We've all sworn allegiance,
To fight till we die,
To stand by United,
And the Red flag we fly,
There'll be no surrender,
We'll fight to the last,
To defeat all before us,
As we did in the past.

For we're Stretford Enders,
With United we grew,
To the famous Red Devils,
We're loyal and true,
To part-time supporters,
We'll never descend,
We'll never forsake you,
We'll be here to the end.

For we all remember,
That '58 day,
And the plane that once stood on,
That Munich runway,
As it tried to take off,
For the third fatal time,
The immortal young babes were,
Cut down in their prime.

In the cold snow of Munich,
They laid down their lives,
But they live on forever,
In our hearts and our minds,
Their names are now legend,
For the whole world to see.
Why this club's a religion,
Spelt M.U.F.C.

So bow down before them,
And lift up your eyes,
For Old Trafford's glory,
Will always survive.

Rest in Peace - The Busby Babes.​


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God, its that time already? It doesn't seem that long ago we were commerating the 50th and then the following Manchester Derby. How time flys.

May they all rest in peace. They will never be forgotten.

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Munich 58'..Always Remembered and Never Forgotten:('ll all be forever and ever in our hearts and minds and Manchester United will always make you proud through of the club...stadium and every part of Manchester United.
You were the best and left us as the best.That makes you all the best there was:( said day for Manchester and for world football. RIP lads:(

There's Only One Darren Fletcher!
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Last year wasn't great what with the City game
The whole thing was immensley emotional

51 years have gone by...
RIP the Busby Babes, you have helped create the Republic of Mancunia

FOrever in our hearts...

" In Munich 23 died, in United you live forever"

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Last year at City, the scarf tribute was amazing , with We'll Never Die being sung also. We should really do that again , maybe for the Fulham match at home. Even the Forever and ever song would be a good choice in all fairness....

RIP lads, ye will never be forgotten. What a team they would have been, with the likes of Duncan and Billy etc... WIll never be forgotten

We'll never die!!!!11
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