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So the season will end in glory as in 99 .

Or abject misery as in 95 .

Which is it to be then ?

I still think we will beat chelski on saturday then bouyed by having the league in the bag go on to beat barca .

the alternative is a repeat of 95 with us going into a game with west ham trying to win the league .

squeaky botty time indeed and the time for our stars to step up to the plate or disappear into the shadows .

name written in legend or the nearly men which is it to be and what are your reasons ?

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it all depends on tomorow. should united win, its most defiently in the bag, however it pains me to say, should we loose i don't think united could do it. my dad is israeli so obviously he knows of avram grant, and he told me avram is really lucky, like what happened with the og at liverpool is just typical him.
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