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In 9 January 2009 the Court of Rome states the sentence about the first tranche of the facts which were the base of all accusations against Luciano Moggi, former General Director of Juventus.
The theory was that his son and himself managed a society of footballers’ proxies (the GEA World) in a violent way in order to organize a system able to control to footballers market and football results by consequence. All that was stated by newspapers during summer 2006, reporting telephone interceptions involving lots of men having role in the football executive in different levels. People believed all, not realizing the lots of contradictions in the story. Sport justice believes it too, that was the cause for a sport drama for Juventus.

But, we’ll see, it is not exact to affirm that sport justice ‘believe’ that; indeed it is not exact to talk about a sport ‘justice’

After 1 and a half year of trial, ordinary justice destries every the base of accusation: a supposed system which violent manners to influence the footballers market and some results. THERE WAS NOTHING OF NOTHING.
The sentence was foreseen, despite the accusing lawyer was not a commun one: it was the President of the italian Magistrates National Association. Indeed, tens and tens of witness didn’t report any fact or circumstance referring to such system, the accusation didn’t have proofs and based itself only on things not ascertained

At the end, not to state: “we all made a big mistake, sorry JUVE we destroyed you”, the sentence has seen MOggi and his son condamned at a bit more than 1 more for “private violence”.
That is based on the behaviour towards two players, once at JUVE: Nicola Amoruso and Emanuele Blasi. This is the reconstruction:
the first one, Amoruso, was not well-seen by the JUVE manager (Ancelotti at that time) and used to play a very few minutes. So Moggi suggested him to go to another club; at Amoruso’s first refuse, Moggi told him: “ Or you go to that team, or you won’t play more”
the second one, Blasi, came out after a long injury with his proxy to ask an increasement of his salary. Moggi says at the beginning: “Show us you’re back at an high level, and you’ll have what you ‘re worthy of”. The Blasi’s environment answered that they didn’t like that situation, so that Moggi answered back again: “ Ok, you won’t play more”.
That is what appears from the interceptions. Called as witness, both of them explained there wasn't any violence in Moggi’s behaviour, but a normal way to go on on football business (and not only football, we’d say). Despite that, the accusation needed to find something to not to remain with empty hands.

While during summer 2006, mass-media organized that massive campaign against JUVE, when facts were uncertain and nobody knew anything, fter this sentence, an official one and made by a Court of the italian State, all passed in silence, being reported just a little news at the end of sport programs, giving to it not much importance

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