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A little boy takes his birthday money and runs off to the shop to buy the football he has always wanted. He slaps his £10 note on the counter and says to the shop keeper "one of those footballs please"

The shop keep says "I'm sorry son but all our footballs are £20"

The little boy thinks for a minute and then says "I know how about if you blindfold me and then hand me one of the club balls, and if i can guess the club you sell me a ball for £10"

"sure why not" says the shop keep and he blind folds the little boy and hands him a football.

The little boy holds the ball to his ear and says "Well i hear the sound of guns so this must be an Arsenal football"

A little surprised the shop keeper "replies that's very good, here try this one" and hands him another ball. The little boy takes the ball and holds it to his ear.

"Well I can hear lions roaring so this must be a Millwall ball"

"That is amazing" says the shop keep " I tell you what if you get this one you can have a football for nothing"

The little boy takes the next ball and holds it to his ear "that's an easy one" he says "that is a Derby County ball"

"That is incredible how did you know that?" asked the shop keeper

The little boy replied "because it is going down!"
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