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A Tale of Two Managers - Martin O'Neil's Top Gesture & Mourinho's Press Conference

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Well I've said it before and I'll ay it again out of all the personallties in football today I'll always hold Martin O'Neil in the highest regard.

The Times reports that Aston Villa have made a tremendous gesture by forsaking any shirt sponsorship next season and instead having

‘Acorns’ emblazoned across the claret and blue, which is the name of a local children’s hospice similar to Barcelona's deal with Unicef.

Martin O’Neill, the manager, and Gareth Barry, the captain, have played integral roles in extending an informal relationship with Acorns

into a partnership aimed at raising the profile of the Children’s Hospice Trust, which caters for 600 children suffering from serious illnesses.

“I am very proud to be associated with such an initiative,” O’Neill said. “We hopefully can provide over the next 12 months the platform that Acorns clearly deserves.

Myself and the players are looking forward to working with them very closely to maximise everything Acorns can possibly get out of it.”

With the way O'Neil bounces across the touchline it really tells you a lot about him. He's a guy who loves the game. Plain and simple.

He plays football for enjoyment and money is just a bonus. Viva la Irish! :D


In direct contrast the other Manager is also lively but just about different in every other way from O'Neil.

Mourinho had his first Official Press conference for Inter today. In perfect Italiano. Kind of put's "I speaky no Engleesh" Capello to shame, eh?

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Villa have no mega money shirt sponsorship deal but choose a charity instead, they have some of the cheapest season tickets in the league and they have one of the smallest squads in the league.

That won't help them compete with the big boys of the Premier League but I have to admire them. They seem to have put their fans and local community first, which has to be commended.

Didn't the owner also refund fans after they got battered by Chelsea in the League Cup?
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