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stolen from another forum for you all. :D ;)

William 'fatty' Foulkes

Some interesting and funny things about William Foulkes.

At the end of the first match in the 1902 Cup Final Foulke protested to the officials that Southampton's equalizing goal should not have been allowed. Foulke left his dressing room unclothed and pursued the referee, Fred Kirkham, who took refuge in a broom cupboard. Foulke had to be stopped by a group of F.A. officials from wrenching the cupboard door from its hinges to reach the hapless referee.

He then moved to Chelsea for a fee of £50 and was made club captain. Foulke, by now was remarkably temperamental. If he thought his defenders were not trying hard enough, he would walk off the field. Opposing forwards who incurred his displeasure would be picked up and thrown bodily into his goal.

During the 1896-97 season Foulke brought a First Division game to a halt by hanging off the crossbar when bored and snapping it.
At one time his weight was 24 stones.

:D :D


LOL he snapped it just because he was bored. That is Genius.
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