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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has offered Russia's players £40,000-a-man to beat England tonight.

The Daily Mail says details of the incredible gesture from Chelsea's billionaire benefactor, who bankrolls Guus Hiddink's £1.5million-a-year salary as Russia coach, were disclosed just 24 hours before tonight's Euro 2008 qualifier at Wembley.

England skipper John Terry is one of four Chelsea players in an unchanged team following Saturday's 3-0 triumph over Israel, but Abramovich has put club loyalties to one side in order to give Russia a huge incentive to qualify for next summer's finals.

Around £15,000 a man is coming from the Russian Football Union, which is funded by Abramovich, and another £25,000 has been guaranteed from the Russian National Football Academy, which is also backed by the Chelsea owner.

Crazy shit!!... Imagine how Lamps, Terry n Coles feel if they were beaten.. their owner doesnt even bother about then.. serves them right.. cash Beggars.. All that Russian bloody money!!:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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