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I sat on my comp and was wondering about the Milan situation, generally i think we all are thinking that they are an old team, and yes thats true.

I looked up an game and watched their line-up to find out their " all age / players " in the line-up.

2. Cafu 38
4. Kaladze, Kakha 30
8. Gattuso, Gennaro 30
9. Inzaghi, Filippo 35
10. Seedorf, Clarence 30
13. Nesta, Alessandro 32
16. Kalac, Zeljko 36
19. Favalli, Giuseppe 36
21. Pirlo, Andrea 29
22. Kaká 26
32. Brocchi, Cristian 32

Which equals: 354/2 = little over 32.

How can you turn around this? in just 1-3 years half of these player will go into retirement? iknow the answer, signing..

Then the second problem comes, they are, what i've heard, ready to sign 2 players. It can be fake but just say that to get the facts there

Ronaldinho 28
Nistelrooy 32

It wont be long until these two retire to, you can imagine Ronaldinho playing along for serveral years, but who knows about him?

And finally Anyone who names Pato are just kidding themself, he could be a son to Cafu^^

P.S i also took the age they will be this year.
Give your thought and tell me how good this " tactic " is from Ancelotti, you got to start somewhere..

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marty davidson said:
i need to buy young good players i have seen alexando pato play he looks a very good player. Maldini should ave reired years ago
What make the AC Milan age problems more scary is the fact Paolo Maldini has been one of the best defenders, if not the best and he's turning 40 next month.
One can not be amazed how he could stay so fit and still have the hunger to play. I cant say that this is how the rest of the AC Milan squad have been looking lately.

Pato, he's a big big talant. But many at Milan thinks Pato needs one or two more seasons before he's able to carry the Milan team.

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but you also have to consider the fact that they have players in place to replace the already aging like bonera gilardino pato for maldini no one thought he could fill the void left by baresi n i feel if they get a young talent like gamberini or if they can snatch criscito off bitter rivals juve n build a resolute defence around them then they will most definately be fine
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