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I was just reading the Becks to Milan thread when it occurred to me that they will have had two former Galacticos from Real Madrid there.

Ronaldo (gordo) - who was released in the summer and now Beckham.

Add a few more world famous attacking names into the mix and I'm starting to see a repeat of the Galacticos philosophy.

Shevchenko, Seedorf, Kaka and Ronaldinho.

Maldini and Nesta are world famous names too, so they really have a star studded team, but will it work?

After a slow start to the season, they find themselves in 3rd position and have already beaten Inter this season.

The problem as someone pointed out, is that they don't play with wingers, so how are they going to accommodate all those players?

I'm not a Serie A fan and actually hope that this kind of Galacticos scheme doesn't work, but I'll still follow the development with interest.

I think it was CROoney who pointed out that the Galacticos scheme worked while Makalele was still there to marshall the stars on the pitch. Once he went to Chelsea it all turned pear-shape though.

However Milan are a different breed and I think their stars have enough professionalism to play 100%. Even with Pirlo injured they still have Gattuso to rouse their spirits.


Ronaldinho - Kaka - Beckham

Ambrosini - Gattuso

Jankulovski - Maldini - Bonera - Zambrota



And that doesn't include Pirlo & Nesta.

What a squad!!!!!!!

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the galacticos were amazing when makalele was playing. I remember watching some of there games and it was unreal how good they were.

AC Milan and galacticos? I never really thought about it that before to be honest but the thing with this team is, alot of the players are old and maybe not as 'big' as the galacticos were but are probably more professional.

To be fair to AC milan, bringing in ronaldinho has been a great purchase for them because he seems to be scoring important goals and they are already doing much better than they did last season.

Only time will tell, im not a fan of serie a but i want AC milan or juve to win the league rather than inter! haha

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