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Adebayor Rubbishes Quit Threat

After this morning's sensationalist headlines proclaiming that Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor had given the club an ultimatum to pay him substantially more or watch him leave, the Togolese striker has blasted such reports as rubblish and pledged his future to the Gunners. At the same time manager Arsene Wenger has brought a sense of perspective to the speculation surrounding the club.

In a statement issued on Friday afternoon, Emmanuel Adebayor has hit out at press speculation suggesting he is ready to quit Arsenal.

Adebayor has had an impressive season, notching 30 goals in all competitions, and won a host of new admirers - including some at rival clubs.

With Mathieu Flamini having decided to join AC Milan rather than accept an improved contract from Arsenal, and with speculation rife about whether or Alexander Hlenb will move to Inter Milan, sections of the media reported that Adebayor was rocking the boat further by demanding a hugely increased salary with the threat that he wopuld leave too if rebuffed.

But the story that he'd asked for huge pay rise in talks with the club's hierarchy have angered Adebayor, who has rejected it out of hand as nonsense, and reaffirmed his desire to win silverware with Arsenal.

"I am very happy here. Reports which suggest I have threatened to quit are rubbish," he said in the statement released this afternoon.

"I love the club and the fans. We have a great set of players here with a fantastic team spirit.

"We have had a good season, but next year we want to go one better by winning a trophy."

Wenger Puts Things Into Perspective

Meanwhile manager Arsene Wenger has also sought to put Arsenal fans' minds at ease.

"We will have a competitive team next year to fight for the title, just like this year," he said. "I believe we are still together and we'll be stronger."

But he said he would not be tempted to break his wage structure to keep a player.

"I personally have fought all my life for players to earn good money because I think they deserve it," said Wenger.

"But I believe at every club you have to respect what you can spend and you shouldn't promise what you cannot afford.

"We want every player to earn good money but you have to respect the wage structure of the club and the financial potential of the club."

Wenger, who has been linked with a £12million move for Portsmouth's Croatia winger Niko Kranjcar, will have some rebuilding to do during the summer following Flamini's departure, especially if Hleb jumps ship too.

He explained: "I will try to buy, maybe in the defensive area and one on the creative side of the game as well because we had some players, important players, who were out this year.

"When there is a problem in England, people say 'you have to buy' – but you have to consider as well the development of players internally.

"It isn't just down to money because we have bought players for nothing and they became world stars.

"It is also down to the quality of the scouting, the quality of the work in training and the quality of the development in the players.

"I believe much more in that, working in an intelligent way to make a player improve.

"If we lose, people leave the game and say 'Wenger, you must buy a centre forward' if we haven't scored, or they want a central defender if someone has made a mistake. But you have to accept that the team can be developed.

"This team made 68 points last year and this year 83. That is 15 points difference and in between we lost Thierry Henry and we lost many, many important players during the season. So you cannot say the team has not developed. Now the target for next season must be to make 90 or 92 points."
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