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EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR has told Barcelona to forget about signing him as he wants to make history with Arsenal.

The Gunners hitman is on Barca's summer shopping list after grabbing 30 goals.

Adebayor, who can expect to renegotiate his £50,000-a-week Emirates contract, reckons Arsenal fans deserve loyalty.

The 24-year-old said: “As a footballer you want to make history and leave your name at a club.
"I hope I can do that here as I love Arsenal. Hopefully I can make some more history.

“I'm at the right team at the right time, playing good football and scoring goals so I'm happy.

“The most important thing is playing for the fans and having the opportunity to play with so many great players.â€

Adebayor, who has two years to run on his current deal, proved a great replacement for Thierry Henry.

Yet he knows many thought he would flop — including the bookies.

He was 40-1 for top scorer — way behind 5-1 favourite Didier Drogba. Now he is third behind Cristiano

Ronaldo and Fernando Torres. He added: “I remember one poll on who'd be top scorer and my name wasn't even there!
"People were not talking about me, so I thought ‘That's fine, I'll show what I can do.'

“I consider this to be my first full season in England. I joined halfway through the 2006-07 season and most of the time we played with just one striker and that was Thierry.

“So this year I'm happy with what I have achieved. I never dreamt of being in the team of the season, or of being in the top three players of the season, it's a big bonus.

“Maybe next year I can be first. People are going to be looking at what I can do but, as a player, you have to be ready for that. Next season will be a new challenge.â€

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has admitted his disappointment that free agent Mathieu Flamini, 24, joined AC Milan this week.
Wenger said: “I hope the core of the team says ‘come on, we've only just lost'. Let's come back and show we are winners.

“If players are not capable of doing that and want to walk out for bigger contracts, that would be a big disappointment.â€

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