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Mutu to pay Chelsea 12m Euros

From correspondents in Bucharest, Romania

June 06, 2008 A COMMISSION charged by FIFA to resolve a conflict opposing
Chelsea and Adrian Mutu has ruled that the Romanian international must pay his
former club 12 million euros ($A19 million).

According to a report on the website of Mutu's current club Fiorentina, cited by the
Mediafax agency, the commission ruled that Mutu must repay the Premier League
club for revenues they claimed to have lost following his sacking for drugs use in

Chelsea signed Mutu for $32 million in the summer of 2003 but sacked him in
October 2004 after he tested positive for cocaine during a doping control.

The club estimated that the affair, which led to Mutu serving a seven-month ban,
cost them $26 million in lost revenue.

Mutu, currently with the Romanian national team in Switzerland preparing for their
European Championships opener against France on June 9, is expected to
appeal the decision, at a civil court. His lawyer told Romanian news channel
Realitatea that Mutu would be doing so.

After serving his ban Mutu signed for Juventus only to be transfered to Fiorentina
where he has resurrected his career

Agence France-Presse

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I think it is a terrible thing they have asked for this money.

I see many people make nasty remarks about him for the
drug taking but it's not right to do this.

Adrian Mutu lost his wife and young baby ...

He turned to drugs as a form of comfort.

Drug addiction is an illness in itself, and should be treated
as such, not made fun of.

He sought help for his illness and worked hard to try and
get his life back on track. He did too ... He made it to
Fiorentina ... where he is still playing.

Probably in the best form of his life too :)

I would love to see him play to his full ability in Euro 2008 ...

For me, for Romania but most importantly for himself !!!

He has travelled a long and painful road in the past 6 years ...

I just hope and pray he shows his best form in the next 2
weeks love him, he deserves it !!

As for Chelsea and the money ... I am shocked they claim
this from him. As if he has not had enough to deal with
already !! 12m Euros to Abramobitch is nothing, but to
Adrian Mutu it might mean the end of the road for him !!!

Shame on you Abramobitch,
shame on you Kenyon
and shame on you Chelsea ...

Thoughtless, heartless ... this will come to haunt you all one day !! :mad: :mad:

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^^^good post Carly.....
I feel sorry for Mutu for what he has been through in his personal life.
he is still a good player and I hope he does well at the Euro's.

People always give him a hard time for taking cocaine....
hardly performance enhancing is it?:rolleyes:
There are always buckets loads of people critising drug takers......
until they themselves turn to drugs.....:rolleyes:

Fair play to Mutu for getting his life back together in Florence :)
and as Carly said.....
Shame on Abrahovich.
Shame on Kenyon.
Shame on Chelsea.

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i dont know what will happen with Mutu now...i don't know if he has that kind of money...:(chelsea are just very very meen and selfish...they think only of them....
Mutu is human. He made mistakes but now he is a better person with a lovely wife and a more lovely daughter...:(
Chelski has no heart. I hope Man Utd will kick their *** for this...w8...i'm a bonus:D

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he shouldn't have taken drugs is mean of chelsea,but he still shouldn't have touched cocaine.if they had backed him up.folk would say chelsea dont care,and when they stand up,now they are clubs can't win these days whatever they do.
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