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We all wondered, especially Inter Milan fans, what in the world happened to Adriano, and why doesn't he score for Inter anymore. We all very well know that the Brazilian striker made his fans go through tough times in the last season, registering his lowest performance, as scoring goals is concerned, in his entire Italian carrier. Well, we now have the answer to that question. At least the paparazzi answer, who managed to find what was on Adriano's mind every game.

Does the name Edelweiss say anything to you? Well, maybe not to the women, but some of the men certainly have seen her on TV, since she is a Russian porn star. She admitted that she spent a week-end along Adriano in Ponto Cervo, and was anything but proven wrong by Adriano.

"We spent a wonderful weekend, the two of us. He is very shy, and asked my not to talk about football. Of course I tried to please him, and I did everything I had to do to keep us both very quiet", said the porn star to Italian magazine "Star TV".

Thats her.........

Lucky beggar...:eek:
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