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Heres what ya do ;)

When you leave...get the tram to the station going away from Piccadilly so get on
it and then get off at Dane Road.

Go to the other platform, and get the tram then thats Old Trafford/Piccadilly
bound, theres normally no one on it...:p..

So then you beat the crowd. You can sit back in peace watching all the people standing
at Old Trafford waiting for the next one.

Works every time....I found out once becuase I was in a rush to get to the airport
so that was the plan that got me out of a sticky sutuation! ;)

Match over at six...make you way down....6:10/6:15....tram to Dane Road, 6:30
maybe, switch over and back to piccadilly...sometime around 7:00 I'd
later then 7:10 I'm sure.

Hope thats helped!
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