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"Agent claims Aguero interest"

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"Sergio Aguero's agent has intimated that either Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester United are preparing a bid for his client.

The Atletico Madrid striker has proved to be a sensation in the Primera Liga since swapping homeland Argentina and Independiente for the Spanish capital in 2006.

After forming a lethal strike partnership with Diego Forlan at the Vicente Calderon, the 20-year-old finished the 2007/8 campaign as the third top scorer in Spain with 19 goals and also walked away with the Antonio Puerta award for Best La Liga Player.
Leading English club

Aguero, known as 'Kun', is valued at around the £35million mark by Atletico but despite the hefty price-tag, almost all of Europe's major clubs are interested in his services.

Now his agent Jose Segui is quoted in the Spanish press as saying: "I've had interest from a leading English team and they've asked me to approach Atletico with a bid.

"I can't say more until I've spoken to the club about the offer.

"All I can tell you is that it's one of the best teams in Europe and it's not Chelsea.""

--- hope it's us, not sure how he would fit in but we should find a way, hes one of the most exciting young players in world football, I've never seen one player score so many incredible solo efforts, and hes only 20!

i think its more likely arsenal or liverpool are going for him but i do hope its us, he'd be a success in the prem and i really can;t bare the thought of him and torres together at the scousers!
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I just was reading the Paper today,
Aguero's Girlfriend is the Daughter of Maradonna and she's Pregnant, So Diego is goin to be A Grandad, Yeeh!!!!

Anyway, Aguero is A Class Act,
I'd lve to see United sign him..!!!!

It prob is Chelsea who will actually make a Ridiculous Bid and get him though,
really!!! imagine that

your dad is sergio aguero and grandad is diego maradonna, they'll turn him into a right player!

if chelsea got him it would make me sick

we could use him playing upfront or on the wings but its just whether we could afford him after berbatov that i question

by the way i consider berbatov and aguero to be the best players in europe outside of Europe's top clubs
his agent stated in the report that it isnt chelsea. i think its gonna be either us or arsenal. most prob arsene dont think fergie would be to keen on his style of play. def would be nice i guess tho. £35mil is steap
I think it's extremely unlikely that we'll go for him, yes he's out of this world technically and scores magnificent solo goals but Argentina pruduce endless amounts of small stocky and technically gifted young footballers, from Maradona, Tevez, Ever Benaga, Messi, Zarate and Aguero probably being the most famous. The chances of us signing another player like this is unlikely as we have Rooney and Tevez but he's amazing and i really do like the player, if he goes to Liverpool they will have a very decent strike force. Lets hope he stays at Atletico for a while yet :)
i would love him at OT.. him, berbatov or huntellar would be my top 3 choices of strikers.. saw him play and takes players on and has great pace.. which will fit greatly if he forms a partnership with rooney or tevez. if saha is fit and with his pace and holding off the ball from defenders will get kun into great positions. would love to see him play for united..

hope chelski dont get him
Clarky101 said:
his agent stated in the report that it isnt chelsea. i think its gonna be either us or arsenal. most prob arsene dont think fergie would be to keen on his style of play. def would be nice i guess tho. £35mil is steap

Ya i know, he said it wasn't Chelsea,

But lets be honest,

I couldn't see Arsenal payin that much £35m for a player,

Fergie would definatley pay it though if Ronaldo was to go,
I think the only way we could get Aguero is if ronaldo left for like £70m or something..!!!

Maybe Liverpool??, Dont know, Torres and Aguero together would be interesting.
I would love this to be our one transfer of the summer although I still think Berbatov will be the one. Liverpool, I think would be hard pushed to afford that type of fee for one player...unless, of course, their Americans have decide to loosen the purse strings........However, if Arsenal sell Adebeyor and Hleb they could definately afford the fee being mentioned for "Kun"
we must be feeling around for a exciting signing if Ronaldo goes!!
Arsenal don't spend that kind of money, and Liverpool can't. They had to sell Crouchy just to scrape up enough money to get Gareth Barry. I highly doubt he goes anywhere in England, and if England, anywhere but Old Trafford.
He would be an excellent signing and one I would love to see! He would be the perfect striker to come. Aguero, Villa, Benzema or Huntelaar are all my first choice. Second choice strikers this summer for me are Berbatov, Eto'o, Santa Cruz & Podolski. Aguero is an awesome talent and having the Argentinan duo Tevez and him up front will be a sucsses imo. I really hope it is us who are interested!
i really want to see this kid in a United shirt. One of my fav strikers in the world.
We don't need him..He is too similar to Tevez and Rooney..we have to buy a clinical finisher like Huntelaar. If not , Berbatov is the right choice
well....I think he is very talented and young....hope he will play for us...
I think he could be used wisely on the wings for us, in particular with Ronaldo out until October at least.

I know fergie has had scouts watching and no doubt will be impressed, but whether he will be given the money to buy him is a different matter.

He could be great for us, and would definately suit the premiership
No way do Liverpool have the money to buy Aguero, they are just scraping together enough to afford Gareth Barry by selling players. Also, spending mega money on one player just isn't Arsene Wengers way of doing things, even if they did have the money. The only way I would see him joining us is if Ronaldo went to Madrid for a mammoth fee. Also, if Aguero joined us it would be an indication that Tevez is not staying permanently after this season, as it is impossible to have Rooney, Tevez, Aguero and Berbatov in the same squad unless you play Aguero as a right winger which would absolutely not work. Some may suggest playing Tevez and Rooney behind Berbatov with Aguero on the bench, but Nani would not fit into this way of playing. In conclusion, I think it is highly unlikely that Aguero will join an EPL club any time soon.
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Sleepz said:
O Great Another Miget
Yes i can agree that we need a taller more powerful center forward rather than Aguero, but i've noticed that people seem to have a problem with the smaller stockyer footballer and i really dont understand it. I think these type of players, the likes of Tevez Rooney Messi and Aguero are underestimated in their strength pace and finishing ability, these players i've listed are probably the top technical footballers on the planet and i would never be dissapointed seeing them at OT. Who knows if Manucho comes good for us he can be our 'other option' and we can go and spend the big bucks on Aguero ... i for one would be delighted if we got him, keeping in mind that we still have Saha and we still have to yet see Manucho :)
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