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AIG Branded Mascots

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Am i being petty or was it distasteful to see 23 little mascots all with aig emblazoned over the front of the shirt ?:(
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You're not being petty ...

I think you raise a valid point ...

In my opinion I saw nothing wrong with it ...

The mascots are little children who know nothing of Munich and I would imagine
they don't understand any of it to be honest. In the future their parents may
well educate them of this.

For these children it was the biggest ocassion of their lives ...

They were going to Old Trafford !!!

Home of Manchester United !!!

To be led out in front of the crowd by their heroes !!!

... and they get to wear the kit too just like their heroes do every week !!!

Can you imagine what a great exciting thrill for them this is ?

They have only ever seen the AIG shirts they are so young - so they deserve to
wear what they consider to be "the United kit".

I'm sure the anti Glazer, anti AIG, anti China, anti Prem League, anti FA, anti Gill,
anti....... etc etc brigade will no doubt complain about this ...

But the children were happy and had their best ever experience that will stay
with them forever - it was a nice idea to have the children do this - and if the
children were happy and the memories of Munich were honoured to be quite
honest I'm happy !!

AIG relented their logo on the kit for this game - they are paying £60,000,000
over 4 years for the 'right' to have advertising all over the place - no one can
complain - you can't take £60,000,000 and then start moaning and whinging
about this.

It's all about give and take ...

They give £60,000,000 and we have to take a few things we might consider
inappropriate - eg the mascot's shirts - the small logo on the mural.

5 years from now when we talk about the 50 year anniversary events we will
remember the service, the documentaries on the TV, the sad minutes silence, the
remaining 'Babes' at Old Trafford etc etc ...

No one will care about a little logo on the mural or the children shirts ....

All this anti-AIG stuff needs to be kept in context ...

This week was about the Babes and Munich not AIG ...
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Ye, I didnt like it either.......took away from the meaning. And.......did Ronaldo come out in the second half wthout a black armband or am I mistaken?
The AIG was very noticable on the kids jerseys, but I guess it was bound to happen. I noticed it and thought AIG were taking the piss, taking it too far but at the end of the day they are entitled to do this......
On the backs of these jerseys had the names of all 23 victims which I thought was a nice touch.
Keano! said:
Ye, I didnt like it either.......took away from the meaning. And.......did Ronaldo come out in the second half wthout a black armband or am I mistaken?
I didn't notice tbh but a few people have mentioned it. Some complaints about Fergie chewing gum during the minutes silence too.
didnt matter one bit , i thought the whole thing went really well and was proud of the club , the way they handled the whole week , we united fans are not easy to please
yes but why make a point of removing branding as it shows respect and then have it plastered all over shirts as they come out ? either ditch the adverts or keep them all or what is the point ? just my opinion however . i also thought if we are getting rid of advert boards why not just have the names of the 23 round pitch boards all game ?
AIG or any other sponsor, pay big money to advertise at OT and thats all it is. No big deal.
so why all the fuss over removing sponsers name from shirts ? its hypocrisy . they get the whole 4 years to flog the brand was it too much to leave it out for a game ? they probably got more exposure by saying they were removing branding anyway

bring back sharp !!!!
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