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AL-QAEDA terrorists are plotting to bomb a Premiership football game LIVE on
British TV.

A shock new government report reveals Osama bin Laden's fanatics are targeting
top soccer stadiums packed with thousands of fans.

They know the awful sight of grounds like Chelsea's Stamford Bridge or
Manchester United's Old Trafford in flames will flash around the world just like the
9/11 Twin Towers outrage.

The chilling review by Homeland Security Minister Lord West will reveal that
despite increased anti-terror spending there are still massive gaps in our
defences that Britain's enemies are determined to exploit. As well as soccer
clubs, the experts identify other "soft targets" such as Britain's biggest shopping
centre, BLUEWATER in Kent, and the vast BACTON GAS TERMINAL in Norfolk.

A top-placed security source, who contributed to Lord West's report, revealed:

"We have concrete intelligence that al-Qaeda is planning an attack that would be
seen live on television.

"We understand they're targeting a Premiership stadium, probably by a suicide
pilot flying a light aircraft right into the stand while a match is being broadcast.

"Although protection is good at some stadiums it's nowhere near good enough at

And Patrick Mercer—the former Tory security spokesman brought in to advise
Prime Minister Gordon Brown—said:

"This is a terrorist's dream—an iconic target being attacked with big casualties
and real-time worldwide coverage.

"It doesn't get any better than that for our enemies."

The new alert follows Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair's grim warning that the
number of terrorist plots in the UK is "mounting".

Our source added: "There are major public places which are incredibly vulnerable.
There is virtually no protection at the Bluewater shopping centre. It's wide open
for an attack.

"And the protection at Bacton is not ideal, although it has been improved by
putting armed Ministry of Defence police there."

Cops have already foiled one attempt to bomb Bluewater, with one terrorist jailed
for 40 years over a plot to use limousines packed with lethal gas canisters.

Lord West's report, due to be handed to ministers, is part of the government's
counter-terrorism strategy, Project Contest.

Last week Premier Gordon Brown announced a new counter-terrorism budget and
pledged £3.5 billion to be spent on national security over the next three years.

That's three times what was provided at the time of the New York World Trade
Center attack in 2001.

But our security source insisted that much of the increased cash already provided
has been misspent. While money has been splashed out on headline-grabbing
initiatives such as increasing the number of spies to gather intelligence, the
government has not concentrated on SECURING the UK's vulnerable targets.

Our insider said: "This work is long overdue.

"It should have been done four or five years ago. But at least the government is
now serious and is taking action.

"Real improvements have been made to protect our key buildings against attack
by vehicles.

"But there's a major weakness in that they're still vulnerable to attack by suicide
bombers on foot or on motorbike, putting thousands at risk."

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scarey, what can we do though, if there are 100 people in this country already who are hell bent on doing these things is there really anything we can do to stop them, perhaps being the most looked at country going, cctv wise, aint such a bad thing, i dunno, but im scared
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