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Alan Hutton

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Hey folks, just joined the forum. As you may tell I am a Gers fan but am also hugely intrested in Man U which makes the news that Alan Hutton being linked with a move all the more intresting.

The guy is an immense player and will do excepionally well whereever he goes. In all honesty i hope he stays at the Gers but he is fast becoming too good a player to stay at that level.

Have you guys heard anything of him?

Do you rate him?

What do you see as his value?

Some of the stories are linked from here....

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Yeah i Wouldnt Mind Him at United, he was Immense against Italy and he would be better than Wes Brown Going Forward not offence to the lad but he is pants in the Opponts Half of the field, he wouldnt cost that much either nothing more than 10 million, so thats better than the 24 reported for Danny Alves i spose
We have an item in the News room too about this......

The news came out yesterday or the day before I believe...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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