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Almunia..."I' will ignore Jens".....lmao...

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Manuel Almunia insists he will not be disturbed by any jibes from Arsenal goalkeeping rival Jens Lehmann.

The Spaniard has replaced Lehmann as first choice this season, but has seen his credentials questioned by the experienced German.

However, Almunia has been happy with his form for the Premier League leaders and will not be ruffled by his team-mate's comments.

"I am in the team and nothing can disturb my mind," said Almunia in the News of the World.

"I want to avoid these stupid battles, but I don't look at anything he says about me, or anything else that comes from outside the team.

"I am enjoying my moment and I don't want to get into trouble with other stuff.

"The team is playing well. I feel very confident in myself. The boss and the other players have given me great support and that is very important to me."

hopefully they'll get into a fight in training and both get injured....hopefully...
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