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Let us not blame each other for finding threads on th caf and copying. We read different pages,blogs and forums. Whats wrong in getting information from any source ? This is a forum and we discuss things here.... be it from anywhere. Forums are for banter , views , ideas and discussions. Lets end this .... we are one big family.....

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What is this crap doing on this forum ...

It's my fault the thing to do with quoting sources OK.

We had problems with a site over copyright issues - and now we are obliged to
supply the 'source' for these things. However we dont drive mebers mad with it -
we mention it from time to time.

I'll decide when someone will be told about it and no one else ...

I'm not having these pathetic arguments in full view of EVERYONE who visits this
forum - if you want to have these silly games going on then do it by PM.

You went through all this nonsense and the end result is nothing - the guy DID
quote the source - RD4L cannot show that the thread came from The Caf as he
accused - And now the guy says he is leaving here which is what has really made
me mad RD4L - from now on you don't tell anyone what they can and can't do -
you stay out of it understand ?

Send me or any mod/admin a PM about it and we will deal with it.

Now cut all the crap and be nice ...

I'll PM the guy who posted the article and tell him it's finished so dont bring it up
again ANYONE - okie dokie

red_devils4life said:
Hey Sparkic, isn't this from RedCafe too...looks like ue love to copy the threads from there huh?
versa said:
Don't say "copy"; say "share".

I am not a member from RedCafe but I want to read it too. Who cares about the source of the source?
red_devils4life said:
At the very least he should quote the source where he's discovered the article from. It's only respectful when everytime someone post an article from a foreign site & accredit the writer of the specific article & not instead, claim credit for it

sparkic said:
EXCUSE ME? ALL MY THREADS? Are you retarted or what kid? Seriously go get a life will ya? You talk before even checking. And are you by any chance blind? I do sometimes get articles for my threads because it is an interesting article which I would like to share or get opinions of people on here and I do source them like the ones I got from tribalfootball and so on.

And I did say were I got the article from you fool. One of my best mates is a admin/mod for a very top Polish Man United fourm and he gives me awsome links and email's me awsome articles like this one and I did state that. How do you know were your beloved redcafe got it from? So your saying every single thing that goes up on that fourm is wrriten by themselves? So this so called person who started the thread over there writes for the observer?

Sorry for sharing interesting reads people. Sorry I did not know there is this invisible rule where when something appears on a fourm and it must stay on there and no one else can share them for other United fans to read. I am sorry for making red_devils have a cry about it all.

Are you sure your not a pool fan in disguise?

red_devils4life said:
I'm truly ashamed that you actually resort to disgraceful name-callings!

I thot that only bloody, ill-bred Scousers will resort to dirty name-callings, however looks like I'm wrong though. You'd be better off supporting the likes of £helski, Le'Arse or even worse, BinDippers!

FFS, don't tell me that it's all pure coincidences that also posted those totally identical threads which you've duplicated over here. Take a look at the timing of when's the article created in compare to those of yours over here.

And here's the link for the 'Amazing Anderson Article':
The thread on Romario retiring:
Rafa confirming 3 new signings:
On who's going to get Ronaldinho:
Essien opening his big mouth again:

Now, isn't it extremely clear for everybody? It's disgraceful enough to know that there's actually this kind of supporters in our forum...and please don't go around telling others that you belong to our community here!

RedForceRising said:
Don't be a hypocrite.

When it come to name-calling you've done your fair share. And it was with me. So what we have here is the pot calling the kettle black.

I suggest you get off people's back, who simply want to share a good article.

I personally would like to know the source of an article, but couldn't give a damn which site or forum it also might have appeared on.

Quite honestly, it only seems to bother you.

I also don't care if somebody copies every single thread from another forum. As long as it;s interesting / insightful / funny / poignant.

Really, who gives a damn? I certainly don't. Whoever copies a thread from another forum onto this forum is doing me a favour by saving me the trouble to have to surf around for the info! Let me buy the guy who is saving me that trouble of surfing a pint!

On the other hand, you discouraging a fellow red from sharing an interesting read DOES bother me. It's unnecessary and quite honestly it makes you look silly.

Also, I don't want to have to surf onto another forum to get my info or discuss all thing Man Utd. I'm comfortable here and it doesn;t bug me one bit where the threads are from.

versa said:
Besides being only ethical, this is precisely why I personally think a source should be quoted if applicable, to avoid any possible issue at all, be it unnecessary squabbles (only; just a storm in a teacup in this case:) ) or even potential copyright issues or whatever and what have you. For I do noticed that some of our threads, think Newsroom's, are actually quoted in other website(s); the one I know of at least is So it can indeed be sensitive and legal consequences etc are not unreal.

By all means, share other articles we come across from elsewhere that we honestly think may be good for others here, be it from redcafe forum or, no matter. I am sure other members would greatly appreciate that we actually bother to put it up here. Just perhaps quote the source appropriately.

sparkic said:
Wow well done RDL4. You even got the links for the redcafe forums. You want a clap? I thought you said all my threads are copied from Redcafe? I got about 40 threads come there is only 5 that you listed? Common go find the rest will ya!

Amazing how the Rafa signs 3 players was posted by me earlier and HOURS before redcafe did it? Make sure you go have a rant on redcafe and let them know manutdtalk got it first okay?

And it is amazing how i sourced all the articles i posted except the romario one which i read on both and Enough sources for you rdl4?

And you don't want me to tell people I am apart of the manutdtalk community? Okay, you know what I had enough of this crap. I just post interesting reads with sources and I give my opinions on disscussions and I do not copy redcafe but if I am going to be accused of it im seriously just going to go. I think the rafa signs 3 players proves my point exactly and the fact that rdl4 only found 5 out of 39 threads (12%) on redcafe. If people don't want me on this fourm then I won't be on here. I will just go somewhere I am appreciated - not mocked and riduculed by false accusations. If that is how you treat fellow man united fans than that is just very petty and low. Hope your happy now mate.


RedForceRising said:
Hey Versa,

BUT he DID quote the source. Something rd4l missed out on and top of it accused him of lifting it from another forum. And then accusing that all his threads are lifted from other forums.

Quite honestly, I think it is so pathetic and the only thing rd4l managed to do is piss off a genuine fan who just wanted to share a good read.

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sparkic said:
I don't think we will ever get an apology from rdl4. :rolleyes:
Oh sparkic, here's one for you. Not an apology that you've expected but deffo' a reply. I wouldn't really say that I'm that firm or stubborn over my way of thinking. I can change my opinion the odd time though - which's obviously very rare. Sadly, it doesn't appy on this matter...also, it's rd4l ;)

I'm sorry :)
Now, over to you mate

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Yeah apology accepted rd4l. Lets just bury it here and move on shall we?

I don't see why there is an appology needed from my behalf since as many people have realised and mentioned above (including the mods) - I did nothing wrong what so ever. Thank you all the members and mods who has backed me up and convinced me to stay on this great fourm! Looking forward to post more great reads :)

And I heard rd4l was banned for some name calling and swearing - looks like RedForceRising was correct about the hypocrite part lol and I think this quote also deserves a mention and should be considered by rd4l as he said himself"I'm truly ashamed that you actually resort to disgraceful name-callings!I thot that only bloody, ill-bred Scousers will resort to dirty name-callings, however looks like I'm wrong though. You'd be better off supporting the likes of £helski, Le'Arse or even worse, BinDippers!"

I think one should look in their own backyard before one looks and accuses others and also if you have nothing nice to say - don't say anything!
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