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Barcelona have won more European trophies than us though. They have 2 European Cups, 4 Cup Winners' Cups, 3 Fairs Cups and 2 European Super Cups.

I think we have underachieved in Europe and there seems to be a determination at United to put that right. All season we've been hearing the likes of Fergie and Hargreaves talk about the strength of this squad and how it is capable of winning the Champions League. It's now time to turn those words into action.

If we win the Premier League then, of course, our season can not be regarded as a failure but I would be deeply disappointed if we lose in the Champions League semi-finals again. Every time we have reached a European final we have won it but so often we seem to fall at the latter stages of the competition.

Of course, if we reach the final and lose to Liverpool or Chelsea then it would be a devastating way to end the season but 50 years on from the Munich Air Disaster surely fate (if you believe in such a thing) will be on our side.
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