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spellbound said:
Haven't each of the members a vote in Barcelona? So there's nearly 100.000 peoples minds to please thats why guys like Johann Cruyff gets sacked after two seasons without winning the league. They got a short memory there and forgot he had won four league titles before the two down years.
Absolutely correct. Cruyff still remains the most successful coach Barcelona ever had with eleven trophies including a European Cup in 1992 and even that wasn't enough to keep him in the job. Barcelona have always been impetuous, hungry for results and style and wanting it now, not tomorrow. Their fans demand the very best and make their feelings very clear when they don't get it. A bit like Newcastle only Barca are successful. In fact in his final two years Barca were still quite a formidable team. He may not have won any trophies but he came within a hair's breadth of taking home a second European Cup. Who knows if he'd won it he might have stayed on but unfortunately for him when his side made the final they were destroyed by one of the greatest performances I've ever since by a legendary AC Milan side coached by Capello and featuring such luminaries as Desailly & Boban who both scored and Paolo Maldini, no not his granddad, same Maldini who's still playing. Rijkaard had just left in 93. That performance should deservedly go down as one of the greatest performances in a European final, it was simply magical. It's Milan's version of our 7 - 1 night. I've included the video, look out for a young Fabio Capello who looks exactly like an old Fabio Capello. I swear the guy was born with a frown on his face.
Anyhow, enjoy!

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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