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Alex Ferguson = Sex Organ Fuel :eek:

Paul Merson = Lump On Arse

Martin Keown = I'm Not Wanker

Maine Road = I Am A Drone

Maine Road = A Dire Moan

George Best = Go Get Beers :D

Match Of The Day = They Of Mad Chat

And finally.......

The best one to upset the City fans........

Maine Road = NO ! I AM RED !!

Got any more ... ?
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Jazz 16 said:
David Ginola- Vagina Dildo
A Livid Gonad :p
Jazz 16 said:
I also see a few funny ones for our great team. Not so sure I should post them though? Ah who cares..... Stained hen rectum hee hee
Yes plenty Manchester United ones - not nice either - this is problem when you have letters s, c, u and m in the bloody name pffft..........:mad:
Teddy Sheringham = He'd Shag Dirty Men :eek: :eek:
??? What ??:confused:
There would be an R left over. :D
Sal you're not suppose to check this, lol.

I wasn't sure what to do with this 'r', lmao


Just put it with the other one in 'dirty' to make 'dirrty' no one will notice :p
Jazz 16 said:
Actually its correct as there is only one 'r' in Sheringham.:)
Up your bottom Mr Sal, lol :p :p :D
The David Beckham Academy = Team Made By Chav Dickhead :eek:

David Beckham and Posh Spice = Cheap VIP, mad, snob dickheads

Wayne Rooney, Manchester United and England Footballer = Teen lead idol, funny metatarsal bone, whored granny once :D

Sal loves united = Sad lust.....evil one :eek:

Jazz give plenty headache = Ha ! Peevedly cheating Jazz !!!

Solsk is always drunk = Sod !! Swanky liar sulks

Carly is the best = Is tasty belcher :p
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1 - 7 of 20 Posts
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