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Illinois student killer is named

Police have identified a gunman who killed five students when he opened fire at a
university near Chicago as former student Stephen Kazmierczak.

The head of police at Northern Illinois University, Don Grady, said Kazmierczak
had studied sociology there in 2007.

Mr Grady said it was not known why Kazmierczak, 27, who was armed with three
handguns and a shotgun, opened fire in a crowded lecture hall.

Another 15 people were injured before Kazmierczak killed himself.

Student Desiree Smith, who was in the hall, said the gunman suddenly appeared
10 minutes before the end of the lecture.

She said: "He was dressed all in black, he had a black ski cap on and then I saw
him shoot.

"He aimed at our professor and I did see our professor shot in the arm."

Mr Grady said there had been nothing to suggest Kazmierczak would commit such
an act, but added he had become erratic in recent weeks after he stopped taking
some unspecified medication.

"Actually, there were no red flags," the police chief said.

"He was someone that was revered by the faculty and staff and students alike.

The police chief said it was still unclear how many shots had been fired, but 48
bullet casings had been found as well as six shotgun shells.

He praised the actions of the emergency services, saying police had been on the
scene within minutes.


The gunman's tearful father, Robert Kazmierczak, told reporters outside his home
in Lakeland, Florida, that it was a "very hard time" for him, but was too upset to
say more.

The gunman's father wept outside his Florida home

The university's president, John Peters, said the police had rehearsed for such an

Mr Peters said there had been an outpouring of support from around the United
States and the world following the attack.

US President George W Bush expressed his sorrow at the shootings,
saying: "Obviously, a tragic situation on that campus, and I asked our fellow
citizens to offer their blessings."

As the university tries to come to terms with killings, counsellors have been
arriving from neighbouring colleges to assist in the grieving process. A candlelit
vigil is planned for this evening on the campus.

The shooting comes 10 months after 32 students and staff were killed by a
student at Virginia Tech in one of the worst shootings ever at a US school.

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The same place, the Virginia Tech shooter bought his guns, this guy did also.
How tragic. May they all R.I.P

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It pisses me off the way they always shoot themselves at the end.
Why cant they save everyone the grief and just kill themselves at the start
or at least face the consequences and spend the rest of their lives rotting in jail.
What a coward.
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