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Anderrrrrson Anderrrrrrrson

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What a player!

I think united have finally got a true brazlian player in this kid, everything just seems to come naturally to him. Has that true brazilian confidence and touch about him and knows everything thats happening on a pitch. I don't know what it is about brazilians but they always seem to produce breathtaking players and if he continues to improve and continues to put in performances like this, he'll be amazing. Performances like this show his potential. Was nice to see him pushed up a little though the centre to support rooney aswell, it was more like his position at porto today.

Stunning display of football from the 19yr old.
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It was well worth the wait, it really was. When i first heard we had signed him, i went straight to Youtube and other sources to see just how good he was. All those months i waited to see what he's capable. Awesome player, and once he adds goals to his game, he'll be amongst the finest players around.
I reckon his goals will come really soon, just like it took Carrick a while to chip in with goals last season.
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