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Manchester United midfielder Anderson has asked not to be compared to Brazil team-mate Ronaldinho.

Anderson, who made a £19million move to Old Trafford over the summer, has been likened to Ronaldinho following his brief spell with Porto.

The 19-year-old has so far managed to stay out of the limelight with United after his arrival was overshadowed by the Carlos Tevez transfer saga.

And Anderson is keen to remain low key to avoid the pressure of being compared to international star Ronaldinho.

"Ronaldinho is a great guy and a good friend of mine, but no two players are the same - Ronaldinho is Ronaldinho and Anderson is Anderson," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"It's an honour to play alongside him, it's something every footballer in the world would like to do. He's a great player and I hope one day I can reach the level he is at now.

"I feel very proud by those comparisons but you have to remember that Ronaldinho is an established top-class footballer who has been named the best player in the world twice."

too many good brazilians are getting compared with someone else

for example anderson getting compared with ronaldhino
but also kerlon was getting compared with ronaldhino
and robinho is suppose to be the next pele....the media puts too much pressure on these player....they should let them be

and like anderson 2 players are the same

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Young players are always compared to former greats.

Argentina have repeatedly searched for the 'next Diego Maradona' and Messi is the latest to be handed that cross to bear.

At United, we've apparently been looking for the next Roy Keane and soon enough we'll be looking for the next Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville!
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