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Anderson-passing well but not scoring

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Anderson was not only the best signing but the best discovery in football. He is even the best Brazilian to have played in the EPL.
He is the greatest even if he hasnt scored yet. He still shows some magic and good play and his defence has become better than before
He is our star :( but still hasnt found the back of the net. Do you think this is important? and when will he start scoring?, this season or next?
He has promised us a good celebration when it does happen ;) lol...:)
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His game is complete.As for the goalscoring,give him time.He will score.He's been massive for us on countless occasions and its just his type of game to set up goals and create chances for the players in front of him.He is an early bloomer which means that he will score sometime soon
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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