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Brock said:
Yea it is... And it starts from his first step - very quick.
I'm worried he's gonna get injured a lot, by slower guys who have to make necessary fouls on him.

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piazza said:
I'm worried he's gonna get injured a lot, by slower guys who have to make necessary fouls on him.
That's why my dad doesn't want me to play high school soccer. :( :rolleyes:

Hopefully refs will protect against this. :eek:

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He was a bit of a revelation player last season because I was expecting a Ronaldoinho type player, but instead we got a much more complete player who, within a few years, may not have a weakness as he has the drive of an Essien while his creativity/vision IMO is the 3rd best in our squad behind Scholes and Rooney, or to but it better, we thought we bought a magician but instead last season we had an athlete, hopefully this season he shows more of his creativity. He has proven himself to be a big game player and now that he has had a rest he should be up and running and hopefully scoring a goal now and then.

As far as how many games he will play I think all the CM's, bar Fletcher, will play a similar amount. Fergie has said Scholes will play less from now on, and I would have thought Anderson would come in for him.

We know Fergie trusts him in the big games and I actually think that the only reason Anderson didn't finish the season that well was because of fatigue. Remember Anderson played all the big games before his form dipped.

The 'big' games we played last season were:

Arsenal (H) - Started
Arsenal (A) - Started
Liverpool (H) - Started
Liverpool (A) - Started
Chelsea (H) - Injured/Unfit
Chelsea (A) - Started
Man City (H) - Started
Man City (A) - Injured/Unfit
Arsenal (FA) - Started
Lyon (H) - Started
Lyon (A) - Bench
Roma (H) - Started
Roma (A) - Started
Barcelona (H) - Bench
Barcelona (A) - Bench
Chelsea (F) - Bench

So the only time where he actually appeared to be 4th choice was towards the end of the season because of lack of form, which was largly because of tiredness.
I know in some of those games we had Scholes injured but you get the point.

I think to be honest its a battle between Hargreaves and Anderson for the 3rd CM spot, as Carrick is our most complete CM so I think he will start more matches.

I can't wait to see a 100% fully fit Anderson this season.

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i like the comparason to essien he just needs to get his scoring boots on really im sure he'll be working on it in training and pre season, i think he will get alot of matches this season weather scholes is fit or not of corse scholes is first choice he has to be but i think anderson is far capable to step in when called up on, and hopefully he'll stay loyal and have a glowing carrer at united and become a old trafford legend, its just scary to think hes younger than me and capable of all that :O
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