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It could be an legendary rivalry like the influential captains of man utd and arsenal it has potential to be. They both clearly get under each others skin so tell me what you think p.s this is not a anderson vs fabregas on abilities so dont compare them on that.

(This is my first ever thread so go easy on me:) )

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The generations have progressed and both of the two main figures of the two
clubs have moved on. But, TBH, I can't imagine either of them getting into the
sort of rivalry that Roy and Patrick possesed. Keane and Viera were two tough,
strong men who made sure that the opponant felt every little bit of a sliding
tackle. Anderson and Fabregas are two gracefull players who both show great
composure and quality on and off the ball. To me, the only rivalry they will have
will be purely on the football side of things, which can only be better for each of them.
It's probably the one thing I really miss since Roy left......the passion he
showed was fantastic and I doubt we will ever have a better captain.

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Anderson is now a 1st team regular...never expected that at the start of the season. He is going to be a brilliant player. Still prefer Scholes because he can work magic AND score goals, which Anderson han't managed yet,

Since Scholes is coming back from imjury my current choice is Anderson but Scholes still has a LOT to offer.

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Keane was a leader, those two are not.

When the going got tough and player morale was down, Keane rose among them all inspired those around him. Those two do not.

Also, Viera and Keane are different types of players and second of all you can't compare players who have finished their careers with players who are only starting out.

I really like Anderson and he will be a superb player, he shows great desire and determination not unlike Keane and has the range of passing and skill also.

Let us re-visit this thread in 10 years time.

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This thread should not be made for another 10 years.
and even then, I doubt they will ever recreate the rivalry
that the great Keano and Vieira had.
A lot of the success that United and Arsenal had was
due to these 2 great captains.
Id have to go along with what Silverbirch said in his post,
though Im trying to go easy on you ;-)
Anderson has the potential to become a midfield general
like Keano was, so never say never......
Good attempt on your first thread all the same Andershow. :)
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