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I like him, and he has a lot of potential to succeed.

But, he's our fifth most expensive player ever I believe, and he hasn't really delivered the goods as of yet. He's matured, controlled and reliable, but he needs to be more adventerous. If he's playing next to Carrick or Hagreaves, he should have the license to push forward. I don't care about tricks, but an attacking midfielder should be going for 8+ in a season. His shooting technique is poor, it's even more frustrating than Nani at times! Once he adds goals to his game, I think we can start calling him one of the world's best, but right now, there's other midfielders playing better than him, such as Fletcher, Giggs, Park and even Nani - which is quite worrying to be honest.

I think he could benefit from using Giggs or Scholes as a role-model. Anderson's probably had more publicity in his first year than Scholes has had in his entire career. He needs to stay off the partying, should the rumours be true, and keep in good fitness, like Giggs. We don't want him going down Adriano's route.

He's adapted to the English game well, but needs to get those goals, and stay out of the lime-light. He's making steady progress though, and you can't help but like him because of his work-rate, similar to Tevez and Smith. I think he, along with, and I hate to admit it, Mikel, have the potential to be the top central midfielders in world football within five years, but Anderson needs a lot of progress.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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