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I think you're right about Anderson's performance, but wrong about his attitude.

It's a simple fact, not often accepted by the English, that all players tell the
referee to book someone. The reason you see foreigners do it more often in the
Premiership is simple - they don't speak the language as well.

We saw just a couple of weeks ago Gerrard tell the referee to send off a player -
we didn't see the imaginery card because he speaks English !!

Rooney has done it, Lampard has done it, John Terry does it.......I've seen Ryan
Giggs do it - They all do it.

At least waving the imaginary card is being honest.

Most players will condem others for asking for bookings in such a way, only to
then make the same point verbally to the ref.............and none of us knows what
is said verbally to a ref - so how can we really comment anyway !

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Well I know how frustrating it can be myself - you want to say something but you
cant - the language holds you back. So I do feel sorry for him - everything he
says is seen by everyone - as it is mostly sign language.

Rooney is a good example !

Watch him - if he is punished for a foul or something - always he has something
to say - he will swear to ref - he will point to where other offences take place
against him etc etc.........

Anderson is a good boy and he wont be a cheat I dont think so anyway !

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CROoney from Dubrovnik said:
i see no problem in waving with an imaginary card towards the ref... clapping to a ref on the other hand is mocking, and disrespecting, waving is like saying -
"hey , this deserves a card"... i thought cesc deserved the card , anderson thought too...i would have done the same...i would have been pissed too... what's a big deal . it's not like he did something wrong... to see the words like "**** you" coming out froom rooney's mouth is what we all should be emmbarased, not with waving to the ref... it is a common thing in football unfortunatelly
Good point actually.......

Although people complain today about Nani and his little roll on the pitch, one ever says a single word about players clapping the ref - which is
outright contempt !!

No one ever says a word either when you can clearly lip read players
saying "F*cking prick" and other such names towards the referee !!

Seems to me people worry more about a player trying some gamesmanship -
rather than foul and abusive language which can be seen by 1000s of young
children who look up to these players !!

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I found this article.........

Anderson has been a revelation for Manchester United, and when he came with
the massive price tag, and was given a starting eleven squad number, it
appeared as though it could go no other way.

It was his performance against Wigan that first got people talking, being subbed
on earlier than one would have previously hoped due to an injury on Vidic. He
was showing why Ferguson has taken such a leap of faith to fork out the money
he did on a relatively unknown, unproven, young talent.

With every game he has improved, playing surprisingly deep, and showing he can
play as comfortably alongside Scholes as Hargreaves. Something which I noted
time and again last season, was that when Scholes wasn't on the pitch, the
team looked strikingly different. We missed him dreadfully when he wasn't in the
centre of our midfield, and although not always costly, his absence certainly
effected us negatively. However, when United travelled to the Ukraine a fortnight
ago, and Anderson played alongside Fletcher due to late injury news on Scholes,
it was hardly noticeable that we were without our star passer of the ball.
Anderson was winning the ball, starting off moves, knocking the ball around the
pitch comfortably and accurately, and it was really rather remarkable how natural
the teenager looked in our team, bossing the midfield.

His performance again today, against Arsenal, can also not really be faulted.
Before making way for Carrick with fifteen minutes to go, he was arguably our
man of the match. To come up against the five man midfield of Arsenal, which
boasts the other young talents of Fabregas and Flamini, and still hold your own,
is very impressive.

However, despite his great performances, there is an area of his game which
must be stamped out immediately. It was disgraceful to see him call for the
booking of Arsenal players, holding an invisible card up in the referees face, and
possibly even worse seeing him role around in a ridiculous fashion after a foul by
Fabregas. The young Spaniard was quite right to mock the dramatics from
Anderson, and it really was an embarrassment seeing one of our lads behave in
such a way.

More of the great passing and tackling would be perfect, but United cannot and
must not tolerate the behaviour of Anderson today. To quote a well known
hypocrite and diver, we'll have “none of that here.â€

So Fergie, have a word will you.

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CROoney from Dubrovnik said:
I'm sick of those double standards for divers and overreacters - that was over reacting not diving if i remember correctly...
so next time when one of our players says "**** you " to the ref, I'll be opening a thread about it ! let's cut that crap... there are a lot of things that do harm to this beautifull sport, we can't and won't change it... what anderson did was nothing... he persuaded the ref to card the player and over reacted a little bit ... wow ! a big deal !
Feel free to open your thread.........

The more the merrier as they say :)

I agree with you about all the foul language !!
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