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Jazz 16 said:
Ok before you all get on my case, I think he had a great game today and played very well but I have a problem......
I often criticise other players from other teams for diving or trying to get oppostion players booked but when I saw Anderson rolling around the floor today and trying to get players booked I was embarassed by his behaviour. It was pretty disgraceful I think. At least Edwin got in there to calm things down.
Am I on my own here or does anyone feel the same as myself?
Your thoughts please.

You're right in theory Jazz and I agree...that kind of behaviour is unnaceptable..

However....Anderson is 19 or 20 years of age and was playing in probably the fiercest of matches between two old rivals and at that age you have to allow for tempers being frayed and sadly Anderson got overly excited..
I see noone has mentioned Adeybayors clear dive when supposedly tackled by Evra in the opening minutes of the game..????
Both teams were tackling hard and committing fouls...yet only United players had received cards..
This was imho what Anderson and what I hope Anderson was implying when he raised his hand in gesture..
Rolling around on the ground was disappointing to see but it was not the worst and will not be the I have ever seen...
He had a great game and worked like a trojan all over the pitch...
He is the kind of player we need at United and hopefully in another year or so he will have matured into a fine world class player and hopefully will have cut that silly stuff out of his game...
He is still very young and we see far worse from seasoned professionals week in week leave the kid alone and give him a chance to redeem himself and prove himself in the future...
I'm sure his team mates will have a word and if not hopefully Fergie will.
He looked like a leader out there and long may it continue...albeit without the antics...
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