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I saw the boy in the Euro's like the majority of us, and i remember hearing the ITV commentator saying why dont United get what they can for Ronaldo and go and get this lad. Well thats been ringing in my ears ever since he signed on the dotted line at the Emirates, and in my opinion it could come back to haunt us that we didn't pursue such a talent but instead we payed over double on a lazy sulky magician that goes by the name of Dimi Berbatov. This lad would have solved our little problem on the left wing and he has more of the United attitude compared to Ronaldo or Berbatov, if im honest im gutted to see him playing for Arsenal and thought it would have been perfect for us to go and get him, just wonderd what other United fans thought about this situation. With Ronaldo's growing petulance and inflated ego im begining to believe we may have to start to look at getting in another class winger, and to be honest i'd rather we do so than sit through another season of his pathetic childish behavior.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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