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For once I actually agree with the 'voyeur'. :mad:


Arsene Wenger has launched a scathing attack on former referee Graham Poll and has described him as an embarrassment following comments made this week.

Speaking on Setanta Sports on their Football Matters, Poll backed up Howard Webb's decision to send off Emmanuel Adebayor against Liverpool - but it was his analysis of John Terry's red card at Everton that angered Arsenal manager Wenger.

Poll, a former FIFA referee who retired in 2007, suggested that referees could be influenced by the furore that comes with sending off the England captain.

"For me it was embarrassing when you listen to that," Wenger said. "They ask whether it was a sending off or not. He says you have to consider that you are sending off the captain of the national team.

"What has that got to do with the rulebook? The rulebook doesn't look at passports. When you listen to that it is embarrassing for the referees.

"Is it a sending off or not? Are you from England or not from England? Are you 17 or 30? It has nothing to do with that.

"It is a big concern when you here the national number one referee talk like that."

Wenger admits his faith in referees has been tested by Poll's comments.

"I do not think (they are taking reputations into account) but when I hear statements like that, it makes you change your mind," he added.
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