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Another Setback?!

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Gary Neville suffers fresh setback

Sir Alex Ferguson will have no further injury worries ahead of Derby County's but he has been hit with a major blow after it was confirmed Gary Neville has suffered another injury setback.

The United skipper has not played in the first team since March after damaging ankle ligaments against Bolton Wanderers at Old Trafford.

It had been thought he was close to making his first-team return against AS Roma on Wednesday. But that will not now be the case as United wait anxiously for results from a specialists.

"Gary has had another setback," the manager confirmed at his Friday press conference. "It's very disappointing.

"He went to see a specialist about his ankle injury on Thursday but we have not had the results back yet."{B4CEE8FA-9A47-47BC-B069-3F7A2F35DB70}&newsid=513855

Another Setback?! Ok,tis enough. He's already out for a total of 10 months since March! Just when will he even fecking recover? I'm not trying to be overly-reacting or what. But hey look,time's simply running out for him. He's 32 already,& turning 33 soon! His starting XI spot for the national team has been took over by Micah Richards & he's injured AGAIN?
Hey mate,u gotta recover as soon as possible man! With Best Regards.............
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This is getting very worrying. I really thought we'd see him back in action against Roma. Let's hope he does recover from this problem because I am beginning to wonder whether the injury is career threatening.
Take your time Gazza.............the worst thing to do is rush it.........

I'd rather him being back in January than returning too early and making his injury worse or suffering more set-backs...
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