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man utd v lpool
man utd v chelsea
man utd v arse
man utd v fener
man utd v Roma
man utd v Schalke
man utd v Barca

lpool v chelsea
lpool v arsenal
lpool v fener
lpool v Roma
lpool v Schalke
lpool v Barca

chelsea v arsenal
chelsea v fener
chelsea v Roma
chelsea v Schalke
chelsea v Barca

arsenal v fener
arsenal v Roma
arsenal v Schalke
arsenal v Barca

fener v Roma
fener v Schalke
fener v Barca

Roma v Schalke
Roma v Barca

Schalke v Barca

28 possible ties (i think lol)

6 possible all english ties.

so 6/28 * 100
= 21.429%

My guess lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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