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Anything bad about Arsenal, please suggest

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Hi guys, I willl be on a debate against Arsenal Fans on ESPN.
Please shares your views on them like...

The main topic is like why is United great?
What attributes that manchester united have that will result in a victory this sunday?
In easier terms, why will we OWN ARSE THIS SUNDAY!
Will Ronaldo be the deciding factor of Sunday's game?
Who will dominate the midfield for the match?

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dcky - congrats, do us proud! When is it on?

I haven't had time to research anything (goals scored/allowed etc.). Here are my first thoughts:

1 One win in their last eight games (all competitions) and that was a comeback win against BOLTON - enough said.

2 Wenger is great spotter of talent (perhaps the best), but a terrible manager - hasn't won a trophy in FOUR years now. Gotta get silverware arse'ne. He is arrogant without concrete results and instills a 'the world is against us' attitude in his team that is almost palpable. Arse folded like a cheap tent when it counted. Wenger did not bring in enough depth to actually win anything - he just made sure they would look good losing.

3 Gallas is the poster boy for bad captains - yelling at teammates, crying on the field.

4 Where HAS Fabergas been since November - how many goals has he got 2, 3?

5 Their 'beautiful' football is only valuable when it results in goals. Passing the ball around in your own half might be pretty, but it doesn't get wins.

6 Absolutley porous defensively.

I'll try to think of some more....I hate arsenal!
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Thanks mates, can read that many hatreds are in there, keep it coming will need it for reference.
dcky...just found this in the telegraph. It's not all criticism....but you can pick and choose.


Arsenal must change their philosophy
By Henry Winter
Last Updated: 2:04am BST 10/04/2008

The morning after the nightmare before found Arsenal contemplating a brutal reality yesterday. They do not need a change of manager but they do need a change of managerial philosophy. Arsene Wenger must learn to buy big and win ugly.

It may seem an insult to sporting principles to encourage lavish spending and more ruthless football but if Wenger's band of fine young prospects are to challenge for significant silverware they must toughen up. This summer's recruitment of three high-class, experienced players, one in each department, is essential if Wenger is not to come under pressure for another trophy-less year. Arsenal's mental hard drive must also be re-booted, helping them to close out games like Tuesday's Champions League defeat to Liverpool

Money talks: Arsene Wenger must buy to strengthen Arsenal's squad
But will Wenger alter methods that for most of his managerial career have worked well? And is there much wrong with Arsenal? Cesc Fabregas, Emmanuel Adebayor, Gael Clichy and Mathieu Flamini led the Premier League for much of the season, producing some magnificent football, and were within five minutes of reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League.

The distribution of Fabregas and company has been hailed by Sir Trevor Brooking, the Football Association's director of football development as an example to all youngsters. For all the questions about elements of Wenger's management, this is no time to question his future at Arsenal. The board would be scared witless at the thought of losing Wenger. The players worship him. The fans adore him. "Always," stressed one season-ticket holder yesterday.

Arsenal are close to getting the balance right, they just need to mix some steel amid the silk, expanding a slim squad. Wenger takes immense pride in nurturing players, rather than importing fully formed talents, arguing that it is a greater managerial achievement and bonds fans and players more tightly together, but a dip into his war-chest is now essential.

Echoes arise of Manchester United in 1997-98 when Sir Alex Ferguson failed to strengthen during the season, and Arsenal lifted the title. Ferguson promptly went out, signed Jaap Stam and Dwight Yorke and secured the Treble. It is little surprise that the Premier League's top two, United and Chelsea, are the biggest spenders. For £20 million, Fernando Torres has proved an inspired purchase by Liverpool. Money matters.

Wenger could have bolstered his squad mid-season. Jonathan Woodgate was available from Middlesbrough, which would have saved Arsenal from the disastrous promotion of Philippe Senderos. Wenger could also have bought Jermain Defoe in January, and he has proved a prolific signing for Portsmouth. Spurs would have pushed the price up if their neighbours had come knocking but Arsenal could still have acquired the England striker.

Wenger has little history of signing established players, preferring to scour France, Africa and increasingly Croatia for rough diamonds to polish. Wenger loathes confrontation, so he prefers unknowns who are happy to sit on the bench, rather than big-name players who may stamp their feet.

However ****y Lassana Diarra may have been, Wenger must be regretting letting the energetic midfielder go. Gilberto Silva has won a World Cup with Brazil, and been a good servant for Arsenal, but he lacks the mobility to survive in high-speed games like Tuesday's. When Flamini was injured, and Gilberto stepped in, much of the zest went out of Arsenal's midfield.

Arsenal can reflect that Lady Luck has been outrageously unfaithful. Injustice and injury stalked them at crucial times, exposing the small size of their squad and their mental brittleness. Dirk Kuyt's first-leg tug on Alexander Hleb warranted a penalty. Wenger's attacking options were lessened by injuries to Robin van Persie and Eduardo. Nicklas Bendtner and Adebayor had a tiff.

For some reason, Theo Walcott is not perceived by Wenger as being as effective a starter as an impact sub. Yet Arsenal fans have been riddled with frustration over Emmanuel Eboue's performances in right midfield, screaming for Walcott to be given his chance.

While Liverpool fans compared Tuesday's atmosphere to St Etienne's visit in 1977, Walcott's dribble also raised memories of St Etienne and Michael Owen's breathtaking, defence-destroying slalom run at France 98. Wenger needs to trust Walcott. Only by starting a series of games will the youngster acquire the know-how. The potential is there.

Ditto Arsenal. It just needs a helping hand. The sooner Wenger locates the club chequebook the better.

Too young?
No. Rafa Benitez said so before Tuesday's second leg, arguing that even Cesc Fabregas at 20 had four years' worth of experience. But they react immaturely to setbacks

Too foreign?
Maybe. The lack of Englishness hardly hampered their unbeaten run to the title in 2004 but they do not possess a captain like John Terry or Steven Gerrard

Too weak?
Yes. Their squad is high quality but too thin, especially compared to Man United and Chelsea. Philippe Senderos isn't good enough at centre-half. They need support for Kolo Toure
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The main topic is like why is United great?

United are great because fergie has the right mix of youth and experience. The likes of giggs, scholes, neville and van der sar playing with the likes of nani, anderson, ronaldo and pique develops all the players. Fergie has had the right mix for a long time. Look at 1995 when he brought Beckham, Neville and Scholes through, it was a good mix then and eventually the likes of Beckham, Neville and Scholes helped us win the champions league in 1999.

What attributes that manchester united have that will result in a victory this sunday?

The home factor will be key! They also will find it difficult to come back after that tussle on Tuesday. We will pick them off in defence with the ball over the top! Arsenal seem to struggle against the ball over the top!

Will Ronaldo be the deciding factor of Sunday's game?

If Arsenal let him be the deciding factor then Yes if not I can see a big game from one of the centre midfielders! Like Scholsey.

Who will dominate the midfield for the match?

Answer above! Scholes! play the 4-5-1 and they wont stand a chance with hargreaves and anderson playing the same role as they did at the emirates and the goals will come!
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:( wenger is soo good he was a freind os sir alex and nowdays he is not
he used to praise alex but now he not
he sayd about nani showboating and nani have the right too
so arsen wenger became more like benatiz this season NO RESPCET FOR SIR ALEX
dcky FYI (and give me a mention?....just kidding) ;)

Including the 0-4 defeat at Old Trafford in the FA cup (Feb 16) arse have scored 14goals in their twelve matches but have conceded 18. The only wins in that stretch were away vs AC Milan (0-2) and Bolton (2-3).

This is an article from

Clichy Slams Sloppy Arsenal Defending

Ridiculous. That is how Arsenal left-back Gael Clichy summed up the loss of concentration that saw the Gunners dumped out of the Champions League moments after they had a semi-final place in their grasp.

Arsenal's French defender Gael Clichy has criticised the team for failing to see off Liverpool in last night's epic Champions League quarter-final second leg.

The Gunners were on the verge of the semi-finals on the away goals rule thanks to the Theo Walcott-inspired equaliser converted by Emmanuel Adebayor to make it 2-2 six minutes from time.

But Liverpool struck back immediately with Steven Gerrard's controversial penalty, and Ryan Babel added a last-gasp goal with the Gunners stranded upfield to seal a thrilling 4-2 win for the Reds at a pulsating Anfield.

Clichy was incensed about the decisive penalty, awarded as Liverpool attacked from the re-start after Adebayor's leveller. Kolo Toure was adjudged to have knocked Babel over in the area.

The Frenchman was furious that Arsenal could not hold on to their advantage after their second away goal had put them in the driving seat in the tie.

"We did well to score the first goal and to come back and get the game to 2-2. And at that point we were through. But what happened after that was really disappointing," Clichy told the London Evening Standard.

"To concede a goal like this, whether it is a penalty or not a penalty, may be disappointing but it is not unlucky.

"It is unreal to have had a chance like this, to score the equaliser and get to 2-2 and then to concede a goal only a few seconds after kick-off.

"I can't find the words for it. It is just ridiculous," he added, finding the word.

Mark Hinton,
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This is easy. I make L'Arse fans cry for a hobby at school. There is two ways we can look at this:

1. Present season
2. Past successes

Okay so lets take them on in this present season! If they tease about our Man City loss this season just remind them of the 5-1 loss they had versus Tottenham (London derby) in the League cup Semi-finals. You can ask them also about who knocked them out of the FA Cup this season and laugh at them that with Ronaldo not even named as a subsitute we trashed them 4-0 and also have a laugh about how anderson chited on the mighty ***-regas this season, not once but twice so far!! Also laugh at them about how they celebrated their 2-2 DRAW at HOME vs Man United! They celebrated as if they won the world cup!! HOW SAD!! LMAO! Then you can also ask why was Gallas crying when Birmingham drew with them...and say: "I thought you guys celebrated draws? Or is that only at home?" lol! Then you can obviously point to our defence which is million times better than theirs in the EPL, our 17 goals coneded to their 27 and also compare our goals scored our 70 to their 63 hence we are also better in attacking. They will have a crack at how many games they lost (2) and compare it to our 4 BUT remind them that it is the amount of wins that count and we have more hence that is why we are on top and they are struggling at 3rd lol Also laugh at their current form and inability to beat Liverpool where as we beat them twice this season and haven't even conceded a single goal against them in the past 2 seasons versus their first team!!

Now to really rub it in start the comparisons in the past history! This is the one I love the most. Remind of them of our head to head record in all competitive games. Man United and Arsenal have played each other 202 times with Man United winning 81 times and Arsenal only 76 and with both drawing 45 times. Man United managed to score 305 times and Arsenal only 294. Source: Also mention the fact that the head to head recored proves we are a much better club throughout the history of us both. If you really want to rub the floor with their faces just ask them to go count the number of times they have won the Champions League (NONE LMAO) and remind them that only big clubs win that cup! Also ask them about any trebeles they have done and also point out that we have won 16 (and most probably 17 end of this season) League titles compared to their 13 and we have won more FA Cups then them (Man Utd 11-10 L'Arse) and we have also won more community shields then them and obviously more Champions Leagues and we are equal with the League Cups. Also just laugh at the fact they only have 1 English Caped player (Wallcot) as an english player in their first team and they are an english club where as we have 8 (Foster, Brown, Neville, Rio, Carrick, Hargreaves, Scholes, Rooney) and even more english players on the rise like Eagles, Simpson, Campbell, Welbeck AND we have other UK players like O'Shea, Giggs, and Fletcher. Also you could point out that we have the best manager in english football and got much more world class players than them and also that Ronaldo is only 3 goals shy just this season (37 goals till date) of having the same amount of goals Adebayor has all of his Arsenal career (40). Also give a special mention to how they struggle to fill up their stadium and how there is always seats free and how it is so amazingly quiet when ever they play there that one could hear a pin drop lmao You could also take each player individually and compare them to the Man United squad but that would then anger them as they would accuse you of showboating lmao Also you could give them a nice link of Nani's seal trick against them which left their players on their Arse's literally and of a nice Anderson nutmeg on Fabregas lol

I think this should send them back home crying. If you have any more problems please do not hesitate to contact me mate ;) I love debating! I do it for my school and today I won my debate vs another school and got best speaker :D I do this for a hobby and also making L'Arse fans cry and my real speciality is embarrasing the poo fans lol Is there anyway I could also join this debate with the L'Arse fans? I will make sure United fans win lol

This above is all my own words none copied from anywhere except some stats which I think I have sorced above!! Enjoy laughing at the Gooners who actually think they are a big club but never have even won a Champions League. My favourite joke is: What does an Arsenal fan do when he has won the Champions League? He turns off the playstation :p rofl
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In my opinion Arsenal's season ended when we humiliated them in OT a few months back,. Arsenal over the last few years simply cant handle being beaten by United... they tend to go on poor runs straight after we beat them. They THINK they are the most attractive team in the prem, I think United have proved that they can play the BEST football in the planet on their day, I think the performance against Villa proved this... we can also adapt our game, play different formations, rotate our squad and bring in players that suit a particular game.. Fletcher against arsenal.. Park and hargreaves last night..

This is why we are the BEST arsenal have nothing left to play for (arguably) so they will give us a real game... but I do expect we'll beat them based on how we've reacted to poor results such as boro this season!
eoininho said:
In my opinion Arsenal's season ended when we humiliated them in OT a few months back
Exactly, Arsenal have only won 2 matches since we beat them 4-0 in February (and that was without Ronaldo!) They must be dreading coming back to Old Trafford.

Earlier in the season when Arsenal were at their best (they now look tired and their form has dipped considerably) they only avoided defeat against us at the Emirates with a last minute goal.

In the league, United have scored 70 goals this season (41 at Old Trafford) and conceded 17 (only 5 at Old Trafford). Whilst Arsenal have scored 63 goals this season only 29 have come away from home and 16 of the 27 goals they have conceded have come away from home. United have only dropped points in 2 home games this season whereas Arsenal have dropped points in 8 of their away games.

We were able to rest key players mid-week in a comfortable victory over Roma whereas Arsenal had to play all their key players, and picked up an injury to Flamini.

The 3 points are going to United on Sunday :cool:
abojodeh said:
arsenal gona lose
That's really helpful ... :rolleyes:

I can just see 'dcky' standing up in his debate and saying that ... :eek:
arsenal are no winners. i think this sums up arsenal
Arsenal: 1] all the players r young, not experienced
2] captain not good enough
3] manager hasn't won anything for 4 yrs
4] the players that won the league in '04 have all left e.g. henry, bergkamp......etc.
One MAJOR bad thing about Arsenal - they have ONE english first team player END OF.
sharafanta7 said:
2] captain not good enough
Good point sharafanta. United have leaders all over the pitch whereas Gallas, who is supposed to be Arsenal's leader, is a whining cry-baby! :D
eoininho said:
In my opinion Arsenal's season ended when we humiliated them in OT a few months back!
I agree with this also. Its the 'United Effect' I like to call it.
I wrote this in Feb after we beat them:
cba going back over it again lol ;)
It's a shame they can't take defeat like men instead of constantly point fingers

Your OUT Wenger - Deal with it
Many thanks to all who have contributed... I can say that I'm fully loaded for the debate... You don't have to be a genious to figure out the outcome of Sunday's game, the stats shows it all for United...

All the help is appreciated...
This thread is a god send I'm trying to create a signature of rival players crying at Old Trafford. I've got a brilliant one of Gerrard crying which hopefully should appear as my Sig in this post unless I've done something wrong. Could someone please send me a pic of Gallas crying at OT after we smashed them 4 - 1? Also I'm looking for Totti crying at OT after THAT night. I'm not being cruel... just a tad proud is all. :)
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