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Sir Alex Ferguson says Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are his best-ever Manchester United players. Do you agree?

The Manchester United boss believes the veteran duo are the best players he's had in his time at Old Trafford. What do you think of Scholes and Giggs' contribution to United's success?

Do you rate any United players higher than the duo?

Both are now in their thirties and coming towards the end of their careers. How long do you think they can continue to perform at the highest level?

Do you think they should still be automatic first-team choices or have the likes of Anderson and Nani started to replace them?

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Considering the longevity of their careers at United I think Fergie is right. They have both contributed so much to the club for so long.

However, in terms of the best football players to play for the club under Fergie I think Cantona and Keane are the top 2.

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what do you guys think of Ruud as a signing... he's got to be up there. doesn't matter he won only 1 EPL medal, but signing was a spot on... for now the top 3 are - Keano, Schmeichel and Le King - with keano his best ever and other 2 in no particular order

oh and ole's up there for sure

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Both of them excel in wat they are capable of doing, i wont replace them with anyone when they were at their best, thought they are still great. In terms of being a football player, these two got to be up there, high high up

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I thought hard and long about it, trying to come out with something different or at least give it a new angle. And finally, I concede.:)

I agree that Scholes and Giggs, together with Gary, must be tops in terms of longeivity and loyalty - their first and probably their last club.

As for the best players ever to have played for Fergie, it must be measured in terms of impact. It then surely has to be Cantona (he was the catalyst that sparked our golden era in the 90s), Keane (the longest-serving lieutenant of the manager) and Schmeichel (the best goalkeeper under the same).

Hey, a piece of cake actually.:)

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what would interest me is fergie was to pick an eleven from his time at the club

here is mine smikes,irwin,bruce,ferdinand,neville,giggs,scholes,keane,ronaldo,cantona,rooney.

subs vidic,robson,becks,ruud,hughesy
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