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Are United A Bunch Of Divers ... ?

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According to Alan Hutton they are - or so I have been reading today ... :eek:

This is the guy United reportedly had in their sights before he signed for
Tottenham, and he seems to have an interesting take on the Reds' performance
at White Hart Lane last week !

He seems to think United have a couple of bad habits.

He complained how he thought a couple of times the United players went down
quite easily.

United certainly had a difficult time at Spurs, part of the reason was thanks to the
contribution of Hutton, but is Hutton right or has he just noted a difference
between the English Premier League and the SPL where players stay on their
feet even if whacked by a caber .... :D

United divers ? We haven't heard that for some time – particularly when it
appears to be directed at more than one player.

Is Hutton right ?

Or is it sour grapes because he went to a crap team ... :p
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I wouldn't read to much into that and secondly I don't care what Alan Hutton has to say.

We are not a team of divers and go down no more easily than any other teams players in the league.
we are not a team of divers......only ronaldo does the diving and anderson in the arsenal game went down a bit too easy but other than that we are a good and fair playing team.....there are other teams who dive....hutton not seen that???
Well he probably noticed in difference in the leagues.
Lads for Cali thistle and Aberdeen wouldnt go down as easily as boys from the Prem.
It was Hutton's first game in England so he might have felt they went over easily.
Hutton is a tough lad and probably found Evra, Rooney, Ronnie and co. went to ground a bit too easy.
Didnt Rooney get booked for a filthy dive in that game? Thats why he is suspended for the Derby. No wonder Hutton said it.......

I dont think United players dive any more or less than other teams.
Its a part of the game that should be stamped out so Hutton was probably right to speak out. He is entitled to his opinion.
So far this season I have seen Ronaldo, Rooney, Nani,Evra and Anderson diving.......... there have probably been 1/2 more as well.
never nice to see.
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